Saturday, July 31st, 2021

“Donkey Kong Country” concept art for Super Nintendo World Surfaces Online

© Nintendo

Nowadays, there have been rumors of King Kong expansion for the Super Nintendo World for a long time.

Dataminers previously found evidence of DK stickers in the Super NIntendo World mobile app in Universal Studios. Now, the King Kong fan account on Twitter has shared some concept art of the theme land, which is obviously “confirming” the “King Kong Kingdom” The presence. Part of the park.

Further point out how the signage-the signage you can see under the archway is inspired Donkey Kong country returns.

The latest concept art leak stems from some aerial photos of the park shared online in March, which seems to indicate that a new field is brewing. As early as 2019, there are still some conceptual models-featuring Donkey Kong area.

In some related news, there are rumors that a new Donkey Kong game may be under development.