Sunday, June 13th, 2021

Dolby Vision on the Apple TV app and Spotify video podcast on Xbox


  • Starting this week, Dolby Vision has been enabled on the Apple TV app.
  • Watch Spotify video podcasts on the Xbox console.
  • Discovery +, Paramount +, IMDb TV are the latest features among hundreds of entertainment applications on Xbox, and more entertainment applications will be launched this summer.

On Xbox, we know that enjoying your favorite streaming content is as fun as playing games. With Xbox Series XIS, you can stream 4K videos and bring movies to life with rich dynamic sound for the best viewing experience. We are committed to continuously bringing you more ways to enjoy streaming content and entertainment. Starting this week, you can start using Dolby Vision enabled on the Apple TV app and watch video podcasts through the Spotify app.

Dolby Vision is enabled on the Apple TV App

Use Dolby Vision enabled on the Apple TV app to enter the story. You will be able to watch some of your favorite Apple TV+ shows, such as “Ted Lasso, “Mythological Exploration”, “All Mankind”, “Seeing” and “Mosquito Coast”In Dolby Vision on the Xbox Series X | S console. Combined with the immersive audio of Dolby Atmos, you will be able to see and hear what you are missing for an unparalleled quality experience.

The vivid images of Dolby Vision bring you an extraordinary entertainment experience. Make your eyes full of colors with the brightness 40 times higher than the standard picture and the black tone 10 times darker than the standard picture.

To start the experience with a Dolby Vision compatible TV, you need to enable “Allow Dolby Vision” and check in “Settings”> “General”> “TV and Display Options”> “Video Mode” on the console. You can also confirm whether there is content in Dolby Vision by looking for the Dolby Vision logo at the bottom of the “Movie/Program” description page of the Apple TV app or pressing the B button on the controller during playback.

Spotify video podcast

Video podcasts are now available on the Spotify app on Xbox. This is a great way to enhance the experience of creators and fans.You can listen to the following video podcasts “Unsuitable People”, “Higher Education with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay” and “That’s Interesting? Collaboration with Addison & Sheri.” You can play video podcasts in the Spotify app to play videos in full screen, or you can play Spotify in the background, allowing you to listen to podcasts and play your favorite games at the same time-just like when listening to music on Spotify. And don’t forget that you can use the Spotify app on your mobile device to control Spotify playback on Xbox, so if you want to switch games, you don’t have to interrupt the game. To start watching, press play on the video podcast in the Spotify app.

Discovery+, Paramount+, IMDb TV and more things worth exploring

Discovery+, Paramount+ and IMDb TV are the latest apps available in the store. Check it out today.

And, if you want to explore more, you can browse hundreds of entertainment apps available around the world through the Microsoft Store on Xbox to find all genres of streaming and live TV, movies, music, and services.