Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

DoDonPachi Revival Review (Switch eShop)

Another day, another famous arcade shmup found a happy new home for himself on the switch. This may sound like you skipped a few paragraphs earlier to the end of this review, but it’s been 10 years since then. Resurrection of the angry bee‘NS English With the release of the Xbox 360, since its debut in the Japanese arcade, and a few years after the Steam port, it doesn’t make sense for everyone to fall into suspense. This hypnotic mixture of bullets, lasers and shiny collectibles is arguably one of the best. That type.

It’s also one of the most flexible of this type, with eight very different playing methods and seven wide training options, so under all possible conditions, all levels, bosses. , And even practice mid bosses. The available options so far are Esgaruda IIIf you have a keen desire to display the main screen a little to the left at 107% magnification and automatically change the background image every 38 seconds in a particular mode, you can do so as needed.

Sadly, all Resurrection play modes are completely hidden by useless names such as “1.51”, “Version L”, “Arrange”, or completely described as: Often, this lab-like test is needed. ‘Play the black label on the aircraft from Ketsui‘; This is a statement that requires familiarity with a particular resurrection play type and knowledge of shooting games that are only available on Japanese switches as a port of older mobile games.

This lack of information is neither a new issue nor a resurrection-specific issue, but it’s frustrating to see what a good title is otherwise. Garbage Proudly show off everything you have to offer and explain why it’s special. In particular, many of the “secret” tricks and techniques are basic features designed to assist players of all levels, not for high-scoring super fans. survive A pre-rendered ship onslaught went their way. With a little guidance, the resurrection can be a gorgeous one that cancels exciting bullets. There you are invited to build and maintain a hit combo. ThousandsA game where you can (and should) participate in thrilling laser-on-laser battles with giant bosses. In certain modes, it’s a game that visually adjusts the challenge in real time as you play. Still, you won’t notice it unless you have enough knowledge and attention to look for that information, except in one place in the game.

The resurrection is arguably one of the best in the genre, even after all these years and many competitions (many of which come from the developer Cave himself). It’s relentlessly challenging, breathtakingly original, and exhilarating to play. An essential purchase for confirmed shmup fans. But it’s also something you need to do a lot of homework to get something meaningful from it.