Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Do you like brain training?BANDAI NAMCO Releases QuickSpot On Switch

If you enjoy brain training games, check out Bandai Namco’s surprise “edutainment” release. QuickSpot With a Nintendo switch. This is an update title based on the 2006 Nintendo DS game of the same name released in Japan last April.

Let’s take a look at it directly from the official PR, along with some screenshots.

QuickSpot Stimulate your brain and train your eyes in a fun game. In this game, players find mistakes, match puzzle pieces, and find hidden objects in a gallery of creative images. Newly added game types, all-new party modes, and a variety of new illustrations for the first time on Switch, QuickSpot Players can enjoy fast pick-up and play games alone, or gather friends to compete for the right to brag.

QuickSpot We offer 20 games with over 10,000 questions and puzzles designed to stimulate the right brain, the center of creativity. This game features hundreds of fun and quirky illustrations, including a nod to some of the most popular Bandai Namco games. Players can test their energy alone or with friends in a variety of modes. In quick mode, players take part in a 10-second speed round that pushes their intuition and concentration to the limit. Endless mode provides training and brain refreshing exercises with a relaxed paced version of the puzzle game with no time limit. In party mode, up to four players can compete for who can get the most points.

QuickSpot is available from SwitcheShop for $ 19.99 USD or an equivalent in your area. Would you like to try this? Please tell me below.