Monday, May 23rd, 2022

DLC inspired by the AAA clock “Squid Game” is coming west in time for the New Year

Image: RedDeerGames

update: RedDeer Games confirmed that AAA watch A new “deluxe” version and its accompanying DLC ​​will be available in the west.

AAA Clock was ranked alongside Pokemon Brilliant Diamonds and Shining Pearls, Shin Megami Tensei V, in the new “Most Played” section of the US Nintendo eShop. Here you can find the app with the longest average play time in the last two weeks. ..

Immediately after Christmas, there is another great opportunity to download AAA Lock, the first and only watch on Nintendo Switch. is excited to announce that three DLC and Deluxe Editions will be released in the US and Europe on December 27th.

Imagine such a situation. On December 31, 2021, the house party will be in full swing and all of your friends will have a good time.

As midnight is approaching, grab the switch and raise your hand high … and turn on the all-new AAA clock to start the countdown. It wasn’t more fun tonight!

Is there a better way to measure New Year’s Eve until midnight than a AAA clock?

original [Tue 14th Dec, 2021 09:05 GMT]: AAA clock Some of us were bothered when it was released on Switch earlier this year, but it’s clear that publisher RedDeerGames has just released a “deluxe” edition of the timekeeping app, along with three new watches. Will be the winner. Face – One of them is based on the hit Netflix TV series. Squid game..

According to RedDeerGames, users are tired of seeing the same dial, so the new face is a direct result of the feedback received from the October base app release.

A squid game-themed clock design (“Squid Clock”) comes free with the deluxe edition, and according to the publisher, RedDeer Games is a “popular TV series” that is a way to actually browse without asking for a connection. Inspired by “explicitly. The e-shop description also mentions the famous “Red Light, Green Light” game.

AAA clock squid game
Image: RedDeerGames

The watch introduces a design featuring the shape of a circle and a triangle that also appears in popular Korean shows. The pixel-style clock in the middle is similar to a TV series counter that shows the number of players left.

The squid game presents a dystopian challenge that if you lived under a rock, the choice of an unlucky individual to win a prize would have to participate in a childhood game, and is disastrous. The result is waiting for them to fail. It’s officially Netflix’s most popular show, with 1.65 billion hours of viewing time in the first four weeks.

The other two DLC clocks are paid items. One is a planet-like design (“spin clock”) and the other is based on Red Deer Games. Cyber ​​protocol (“Cyber ​​clock”).

Nothing is said about whether a deluxe version of the AAA clock will come west, Automata waist, The base version of the app will be ranked together Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl When Shin Megami Tensei V The “most played” list of eShop in North America (based on updated December 6th). Given that fact, it is quite likely that this will come to the west.