Discover the most astonishing tips in Fishing Clash

Discover the most astonishing tips in Fishing Clash

Fishing Clash is a stunning simulation fishing game. On the basis of traditional fishing management, the game also adds super maps and many interactive elements. Although the current version has some optimization problems, it can not hide its huge potential in the mobile market.

In terms of gaming operation, Fishing Clash supports touch operation, which is much more convenient than the rocker. And in order to adapt to the user’s habits of mobile platform, it uses semi-automatic system, which can realize semi-automatic collection, logging and fishing. Players only need to press a button for a long time in the vicinity of resources to automatically perform related operations, which solves the problem that the mobile screen is too small and easy to mistakenly touch. In the later stage of the game, players do not need to focus much on repetitive work.

Starting tutorial tasks can quickly acquire fishing tools, and then try to sort out the manor and reclaim the first fishing land. The task system in the upper right corner of the screen will guide the players to visit the fishing center. Similar to other fishing simulation games, some operations of purchasing commodities and strengthening fishing tools need to be carried out in the fishing center. Because of too many buildings and complicated routes, besides giving route hints, the game also provides a series of delegated tasks to guide players to familiarize themselves with the location of each fishing location.

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Task system is a very critical setting in Fishing Clash game. It can show the plot and make the player more targeted. Delegation mainly includes two kinds of tasks: main line task and NPC task. The initial stage of the main task can help players to familiarize themselves with maps and acquire a large number of basic resources, so that they can experience the pleasure of fishing everywhere. Medium-term tasks require players to accumulate a lot of resources, the main purpose is to repair damaged fishing gears. Players can get more abundant basic resources. Daily tasks are designed to reward players with high activity, complete fixed tasks every day, and get mysterious gifts on weekends.

When fishing resources accumulate to a certain amount, you can use the order system to sell goods, which is a bit like the airport delivery system in Dream Town. It effectively prevents excessive resources and also brings channels for players to earn pearls. At the beginning of the game, there will be a “town truck” in the player’s fishing location, which will provide orders from time to time and exchange the corresponding resources for peals, but the delivery of order trucks will take a period of time to come back, which is calculated according to the actual time. If you want to shorten the waiting time, you can use Fishing Clash Hack. Many players have confirmed that this tool works for iOS and Android devices!

When players reach level 50, the game will unlock the rare fishing field. This fishing place obtain rare fishes. However, there is no stratification in the game, but “a ditch in the beginning, can be excavated on all sides”, with random rewards. The depth counter of the fishing resource will count the number of meters the player has fished, and when it reaches a certain number of meters, you can unlock a higher level reward. Almost all operations, including pulling, require physical effort. There’s nothing unusual about physical setting, but it is very easy to restore your HP. The game set that drinking milk can restore physical strength. Every day when players go out, there will be a bottle of milk at the door. So be sure to take it with your fishing adventure!

All in all, Fishing Clash is a highly completed game. It does not break away from the core of the fishing simulation game. It also integrates many ways of playing, which can make players indulge in it. Although there are some optimization problems, it is good enough to compare with other fishing simulation games on the mobile side.