Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Discover Magic’s Powerful New Zombie Enchantment: The Gathering’s Crimson Oath Set

Next Magic: The Gathering Set, Crimson OathWill be available in the US on November 11th at the MTG Arena (November 12th in ANZ) and will be available in physical versions on November 19th at game stores around the world (pre-released on November 12th). Will be). It returns the player to a setting infused with Innistrad’s Gothic horror. When the final set, Midnight Hunt (also done on this plane) was a werewolf theme and introduced a cool day / night system, Crimson’s oath revolves around vampires, Includes a number of cards inspired by the one and only Dracula..

Of course, that’s all working, but werewolves and vampires aren’t the only classic horrors. Today, there are new cards that can help boost one of the other giant creature types that exist in Midnight Hunt and currently exist. Extended for Crimson Vow-Zombies. That card is Necro Duality:

Necroduality regular frame and borderless frame.

Anyone who has worked on many variations of the Dimir (blue / black) zombie deck (like thisIn the last few months, you’ll already know that zombies can really snowball. This enchantment represents a great way to double it or help look back at the board later in the game.

“Necroduality is one of my favorite cards in Magic,” product architect Mike Turian told me. “Once you’ve read the cards you picked up, go back and re-evaluate the cards throughout the class to find the perfect card that works best. In this case, use Necroduality to make a copy of each non-token zombie. When you enter the battlefield under your control, this changes the effect of all zombie creatures, revived spells, and cards that change the magical creature type. It has a lot of great cards to combine with Necro Duality! Has a lot of zombie creatures. Given that many zombies have exploits and other powerful sacrificial effects, Necro Duality provides a good bait and powerful combos for creatures! Everything a player has! I don’t want to spoil the fun of, but they will soon begin their own zombie apocalypse! “

Good corpse, bad corpse.

Good corpse, bad corpse.

I also asked Mike about how the team tackled the task of getting up away from the midnight hunt. “The Midnight Hunt was a great set and our players loved to return to Innistrad,” he said. “We knew that Innistrad fans’ favorite planes would hit again, so Crimson Bow was considering bringing in a piece of Midnight Hunt while innovating the Crimson Bow into its own set. Switching Focus from Werewolves For Vampires, it’s one way we’ve been able to continue the splendor of Midnight Hunt while giving Crimson Bow space.

“Another way to make the set stand out is to introduce a new gameplay mechanic that wasn’t available in the Midnight Hunt. For example, Cleeve opens up a whole new space in the idea of ​​casting spells. Introducing Blood Tokens Let the Vampires do something completely new and different! ”You can Read all about those new mechanics here..And you can see Cards published so far..

The Crimson Oath is shaped to be a fun revisit to Innistrad, so see what this vampire-filled collection of cards must offer. Official site..

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