Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Disco Elysium’s Australian ban has been overturned

After the developer ZA / UM formally questioned the decision, the Australian Classification Review Board revoked the ban on “Disco Elysium: Final Ban”. Provide you with personality.However, according to reports Kotaku Australia, The review committee (separate from the classification committee that initially refused to classify the game) clearly stated that Disco Elysium’s drug use description was eventually displayed in a negative image, so the R 18+ classification can now be accepted.

The review committee’s report reads: “The review committee believes that drug use related to incentives and rewards cannot be accepted in R 18+, but this game does provide incentives related to drug use, so that frequent drug use will affect players The development of the game has a negative impact. In particular, the obstacles to drug abuse have affected the decision of the judging committee. The game does not clearly describe drug abuse.”

The rating means that “Disco Elysium: Final Promotion” is now accessible for sale in Australia, although the R 18+ rating means that only adults can play the game. Although the classification was rejected, it is still possible to purchase “Final Cut” (and the original, uncategorized version of Disco Elysium) on Steam in Australia if the game is technically banned.

Disco Elysium: Final Cut has been refused classification in Australia.

You can Australian Government Classification Council website. According to the grade description page, if the product “contains a product that has a high impact and does not meet the recognized community standards”, it will be rejected for classification. Refusal to classify will mean that the game cannot be sold in Australia without modification.

More specifically, the final clip was refused to be classified as a “game that describes, expresses or otherwise deals with sex, drug abuse or addiction, crime, cruelty, violence or resistance or abomination, which offends the general acceptance of reasonable adults The standards of ethics, decency and courtesy should not be classified.”Disco Elysium is characterized by the abuse of alcohol and drugs, not to mention a plot centered on crime, cruelty and violence, which can explain why the game was rejected. This seems to only affect the new version of the game, as the original PC version Disco Elysium is still available on Steam in Australia, as it has been released since its launch in 2019. Developers ZA / UM want to surpass the Australian rating board if they need to edit the content of the game.

The news came when PC, PS5, PS4 and Google Stadia launched the Final Cut version of the game on March 30. Disco Elysium was originally exclusive to PC, but the developer ZA/UM announced the console version of the game at last year’s Game Awards. Final Cut will add dubbing and some bonus content, and will be upgraded for free to users who already have games on PC. dj2 Entertainment is currently working on a TV adaptation of the TV.

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