Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Disco Elysium: Final Cut Review (Switch eShop)

Sometimes games come completely Individual. Now we know what you are thinking: you’ve seen the same thing said for countless titles over the years — What’s so different about this? understood. Often, when a game is described as “unique,” you can identify at least some worn-out metaphors. The same is true for Disco Elysium: The Final Cut. It’s certainly a game with individual mechanics that you’re familiar with, but overall, no other game is so good at the moment.

Disco Elysium has been around for some time on other platforms, and if you’ve seen gameplay or commentary about the game, you already know if it’s going to your alley (which really explains what it is). Enviable work to do On earth That’s everything). This release of Switch, subtitled “The Final Cut,” provides what appears to be the definitive version of the game. However, I will explain what will be added a little later.

The story begins with your subconscious, endless nothingness. The voice begins to speak your thoughts and eventually you wake up in the trash can apartment room. Your clothes are scattered around the place, and you don’t remember previous events or even who you are. Indeed, a familiar setup is an intriguing and powerful opening to a game that only gets better and better.

Disordered, chopped mutton amnestics you play as a show star. Despite the terrible memory loss, you soon realize that you are a detective who is tasked with investigating the death of a man hanging from a tree behind the canteen. You work closely with the solid Lieutenant Kim Kitsuragi, who guides you in navigating the investigation, but you are not afraid to scold you if you make a suspicious decision. He is a great character and we protect him in our lives.

Disco Elysium is essentially a role-playing game. You can move your character directly to roam the isometric world of Elysium and interact with objects and characters along the way. However, the essence of gameplay lies in the conversational dialogue with the character.Not for clarity actual Battle at Disco Elysium. All statistics and progress are related to branch dialog options and the choices you make when asking or chatting with the inhabitants of the game.

Your character has four specific traits: intelligence, psyche, physics, and kinematics. At the start of the game, you can choose a predefined character build to focus on specific traits or customize your character from scratch. Each of these traits then splits into additional secondary abilities that you can level up as you progress through the game. It can be a little daunting at first, as there are so many things to juggle, but it’s actually not as complicated as you might think.

If you have a lot of dialogue when talking to NPCs, you will also hear physical voices of various characteristics. Both can guide you with rational thinking. When Mislead you on the wrong path. Ultimately, the game throws dialogue options or physical actions that take advantage of one of your core abilities directly. The chances of a successful option depend on the level of the characteristic. The game is pretty clear about how this works and displays a percentage indicator that instantly informs you of the expected results. It’s entirely up to you to continue your choice or investigate other potential ways of thinking.

A good example of how this works comes at a fairly early stage. To get the Hanged Man off the tree, you have to get the help of Majorhead, a giant, muscular tattooed gentleman overlooking the harbor. During a conversation with him, the game gives you the option to give him a good wall. If your physical statistics are too low, this is likely to fail and you beg for mercy as the major head crushes your hand with his own giant fist. However, if successful, Measurehead agrees with your request. Everything is pretty standard, but I’m still happy.

In addition to the usual statistics, there are also equipable thoughts stored in the game’s inventory system known as the “thinking cabinet”. Acquiring thoughts by talking to the character and equipping them unlocks certain options that can be used to influence NPC decisions. For example, returning to Majorhead, if a physical conflict fails, you can talk further with him, unlock your thoughts, and internalize them in your thought cabinet. Then the new dialog option is unlocked and Persuade Measurehead to help.

Despite the fact that the game skillfully guides you to its many fascinating complexity, you would lie if you said that Disco Elysium is for everyone. Because it’s just not.I have On earth It takes a lot of dialogue to get it done, and for some people this may be too much. That’s perfectly fine, but if you’re just a little curious about powerful stories and RPG elements, I encourage you to give it a try. When Disco Elysium is firing on all cylinders (frankly most of the time), it’s a wild vehicle that lives in your head for a long time without rent.

So what has changed in the “Final Cut” version? Well, as we said, the game contains a lot of dialogue, and the new version introduces acting voice for almost all of it. This is a ridiculous achievement in itself, given the enormous amount of dialogue involved, but the acting is also performed wonderfully throughout. It’s meant to love characters like Lieutenant Kim, just as he hates characters like Majorhead and Kuno. dislike Kuno …), and the voice actors do an incredible job to convey this. In addition, Final Cut has already introduced new quests to enhance its execution time by a significant amount of 30-40 hours.

Especially for switches, Disco Elysium: The Final Cut unfortunately runs into some obstacles in terms of overall performance. In larger areas, walking around will cause the game to break slightly. It’s not enough to completely break the immersive feeling, but it’s still there. Similarly, the load time is often a bit too long for our taste, and even if the game is auto-saved, the action will stop abruptly while it is running. None of these issues have had much impact on the enjoyment of our game, but they are there. Thankfully, developer ZA / UM is well aware of performance issues and will work to resolve these issues in future patches.

However, it is small text that may not be addressed. This isn’t too much of a problem if you’re playing in docking mode, but it can be annoying if you’re playing in handheld mode.New OLED model Might be so It alleviates this somewhat, but it’s not very comforting if you’re playing on Switch Lite.

One last thing to note. Disco Elysium is absolutely and explicitly aimed at adults. With that in mind, there are discussions on topics that can be offensive to some players, such as race, drug use, atrocities, and conversations about violence. These themes are always properly processed and ultimately created in a way that helps drive the story, but it may need to be considered regardless.