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Disco Elysium-Final Cut allows you to solve murder mysteries as you like


  • Disco Elysium – Final Cut Is an award-winning open-world RPG about amnesia and a large hangover detective.
  • Innovative dialogue and skills systems give you great freedom when investigating murder mysteries.
  • Disco Elysium – Final Cut Buy now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

Disco Elysium – Final Cut Now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. The award-winning open-world RPG and its innovative dialogue system give you a great deal of freedom when exploring the entire block in a massive murder mystery. The Final Cut version adds full-voice acting and political vision quests to make the game even bigger and better. I can’t wait for you to experience it today!

It all starts with your detective waking up in his underwear with his memory destroyed by a nasty hangover. Working on Monday morning is not the easiest situation. But it gets worse when you realize that you are supposed to be in this part of the city to hunt down the murderer. Why are you having a party so hard and where are you going from here?

It’s up to you to be distracted by many side quests such as finding and interrogating witnesses, exploring streets and apartments for clues, and looking for ultra-fashionable tracksuits. Worth). If you want, you can even walk around in your underwear and continue the party last night. Expect to receive some confusing comments from the people you meet.

Disco Elysium-Final Cut

Not all results are exactly what you want Disco Elysium.. This is due to success at some more important moments determined by the dice roll, such as tabletop RPGs. For example, if you come up with an artistic idea that impresses the young rebel Cindy, you need to roll a specific number on the dice. Don’t worry if you make a mistake. You can try again later or find other ways to reach your goal. The second time may be even easier, as Cindy may feel sorry for you.

That’s not the only reason we encourage you to accept failure Disco ElysiumHowever, some of the weirdest parts were found in failure scenarios. For example, if you try to escape and not pay for a hostel room like a rock star, you jump into the air, spin, and give the manager two middle fingers before colliding with a woman in a wheelchair. .. It’s its own way, still pretty rock star …

Disco Elysium-Final Cut

If you continue to fail, it’s a good idea to level up your skills and open up new solutions to your problems. You have a total of 24 skills, each corresponding to one of the detective’s physical or mental abilities, such as logic or hand-eye coordination. The amazing thing is that the skill is anthropomorphized and speaks to you as a voice in your head. It’s up to you whether you listen to their advice or spend a few minutes discussing it with them.

That’s not the only thing you do in your detective’s head. There is a “thinking cabinet” where you can cook your ideas until you get into full-fledged thinking. Thinking usually involves both positives and negatives, so you need to balance it carefully. The positive thing is to open new dialogue options and raise the skill level limit. Negatives can reduce empathy or cause damage when expressing a particular opinion.

Disco Elysium-Final Cut

For more information, please visit: discoelysium.com.. Or start playing with as little knowledge as possible to maximize the surprises and emotions we want you to experience.

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Disco Elysium – Final Cut




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Received three BAFTAs, The Game Awards, DICE, Game Developers Choice Awards, South-by-Southwest, Dreamhack and more. PC Gamers – 2019 Games, Gamespot – 2019 Top Rating Games, IGN – Best PC Only 2019, Metacritic – 2019 Absolute Play. Features – Unprecedented freedom of choice. Intimidate, talk sweetly, resort to violence, write poetry, sing karaoke, dance like a beast, unravel the meaning of life. Disco Elysium is the most faithful representation of desktop role-playing ever attempted in video games. A myriad of tools for role-playing. Combine 24 very different skills. Create a unique style with 80 items. Use 14 different tools, from guns to flashlights to boomboxes, or pour 6 psychotropic cocktails. Use the detective thought cabinet to further develop your character with 60 wild thoughts. An innovative dialogue system with unforgettable characters. The world is not superfluous, it lives with real people. They play against each other, try to help each other, and desperately fall in love. With Disco Elysium’s innovative dialogue system, you can do almost anything. Pave your own unique path across the city. Explore, manipulate, tare, or become a millionaire in an open world unlike what you’ve seen before. The city of Revachol is yours, one at a time. From the street to the beach and beyond. Hard-boiled, hardcore death, gender, taxes, disco-nothing goes off the table. Revachol is a real place with real challenges. Settle a large murder investigation or relax and kick back in the vast side case. The detective decides – the citizens obey.