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Disciples Liberation-Meet Irian’s Avianna

of Disciples: LiberationNow available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. As you progress through the 80-hour game, Avyanna’s details will gradually become apparent. Here’s her unfinished biography, without ruining the release later in the game.

Disciples: Liberation It’s a dichotomy story. The mortals and their gods. A cruel past and a bright future. Death and life. Innocence and its loss. Secrets and truth. Heroism and suffering. And at the heart of the story is Avianna, who herself has an image of God and profane. Follow her story in real time and explore a breathtaking world full of magic, mystery and political intrigue.

Beginning as an unknown little mercenary, her quest leads you to sadness and bloodshed, eventually gaining control of a powerful army ready to challenge your destiny. Avianna is a child of two worlds, but not part of anyone. Traveling through a dark and war-torn world, I long for my home to call my world. She longs to fight her past and build a sanctuary place for herself and all the exiles, incompatibility, and freedom fighters of Nebernard.

She stood up from the beginning and relied solely on herself and her friend Orion. Together, they formed the Twilight Twins, a mercenary to hire. It was a hard life, fighting for all the coins, opening one eye and sleeping. But it sharpened her. It made her cunning. It made her a warrior.

Still, Avyanna is smart enough to know that this is not a life she can live forever. So when she found the abandoned, mysterious castle of Irian, she decided it would be her new home. It is a reflection of the world she wanted to live in, a light of strength, peace, and acceptance. A place that includes all races in the world and is considered equal.

And while the world of Nebernar is a dark and punishing place, Avianna’s burden is even greater. She is the leader of a young country, aiming for freedom and the ideal of freedom in a world where only despots and despots are known. But in her mind, she feels her devilish heritage calling on her to rain the world.

Disciples: Liberation

But the world doesn’t change that easily. Also, there are no demons lurking in it. So Avianna realized that she was facing a world that was head-on into the war she had caused. She also faces her own dark urge as she stands up to become a liberator.

From the above, it is up to you what kind of leader she will be. Fight complex turn-based battles with beast creatures, where only the right tactics can lead to victory, using an army that can recruit from over 50 units. Avyanna can work with the Legion of the Damned, Undead Hordes, Elven Alliance, and Empire.

The most profound way to influence your story and gameplay Disciples: Liberation Avyanna has a position in each, and that position influences the end of the game, so through interaction with four factions.

Disciples: Liberation

In the game, no choices are made and the story does not punish you for such choices. All choices are valid and many options allow you to explore Avyanna’s cruelty as needed. Care about your choices, explore and have fun. And remember Avyanna’s motto. I thought of it, but it was a good day. ”

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Disciples: Liberation

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Disciples Liberation is a mature dark fantasy strategy RPG with turn-based combat. Free the land of Nevendaar and uncover the endless story hidden in this highly detailed world, where every decision has consequences and every wrong move can be fatal. Explore the rich world and collaborate with factions from all over the world, from religious extremist human empires to the undead dark forces led by the crazy queen. Team up to gather valuable resources, shake your political position and fight brutal beasts in complex turn-based battles. With Disciples Liberation, the choice is everything, and it’s up to you to write the story. Features: • Over 80 hours of single player campaign: Experience a vast dark fantasy epic over 3 acts with over 270 quests and objectives, 5 unique endings to unlock • War devastation Explore the territory you’ve been to: Travel through a vast and devastated world and work to uncover its endless secrets, hidden treasures, and bloody pasts • Write your own story : Choose from four unique and skilled classes, define your location in the world and recruit others for your purposes from a faction assortment • Build a foundation: Find valuable resources to take, Use politically savvy people to build plans and sanctuary locations. • Fight for life. Recruit over 50 units to form the best army for your playstyle. Polish both steel and spells in complex turn-based combat. • Challenge deadly bosses: Test your energy and fight terrifying monsters and beasts in your party.Each requires its own strategy • Choice is everything: Your decisions guide your destiny and directly affect what you become a leader • Fight your friends: Get out two online Ultimate challenge and supremacy in skirmishes