Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Dirty wealth in the gold rush: May 28th game


  • Gold Rush: The Game Will land on the Xbox series X|S and Xbox One on May 28.
  • Use realistic machinery to get a unique gold mining experience.
  • Including a leaderboard mode for competing players.

Hello miners!

We proudly announce at Code Horizon Inc. and Discovery Inc. Gold Rush: The Game Will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S on May 28th. This original gold mining experience is based on Discovery Channel’s #1 show “Gold Rush”. On the day of release, you will have access to all playable content released so far (including DLC). The goal is: work hard, dig deeper, explore the world, and become the richest person in Alaska!

So what is unique Gold Rush: The Game? In short, this is a realistic gold mining simulation game. Start with a simple bucket, rent your first claim on the cast iron pan, and then start mining gold. You will be able to sit behind the wheels of multiple highly detailed vehicles (such as bulldozers, drilling rigs, front loaders or excavators) and dig for gold in one of four unique mining areas with fully deformable terrain.

If you are a competitive player, then we have very little for you! The ranking mode (leaderboard) will put you against other gold prospectors – who will be ranked first this time? A season usually lasts about a month in real life, so there is enough time to compete. Every time we add unique gains or barriers to make the experience more attractive, such as a discount for a specific claim rent or an increase in the breakdown rate of a specific item. If you successfully enter the top 10, we will provide special game rewards, so what are you waiting for? Let’s mine some gold!

Gold Rush: The Game

Gold Rush: The Game It is by using advanced machinery to mine gold and take care of your mining company. Familiar with washing equipment, bullion machine or wave watch. Manage the water pressure and power system to help the machine work properly. And don’t forget to hire some workers and let them grow your business!

So, how do you deal with everything you just dug up? Smells! Visit the local blacksmith to smelt all the gold found. Using collected magnetite can make the process cheaper and faster. After that, you can sell it and start to become the richest miner in Heines and even Alaska!

Gold Rush: The Game

You can choose your own game style-use the simple mode to browse Alaska (everything costs $1), or try your luck in the most difficult mode on the global shared leaderboard. No matter what phone you call, please be sure to grab this game on May 28!

Work hard, dig deeper-become a gold miner in the United States Gold Rush: The Game!

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Gold Rush: The Game



Make your gold mining dreams come true-spend a few bucks and start becoming a millionaire! Gold Rush: The game is a gold mining simulator based on the popular game Discovery Channel series. Sitting on the rear wheels of various vehicles such as excavators, drill bits, front loaders, bulldozers, etc. The entire gold mining operation depends on your coaching skills! Experience the challenging life of the chief mechanic. Parts of the machine may break in unexpected situations and waste a lot of time. Continuously improve your gold mining business. Start with a simple bucket and a bakeware, rent your first claim and upgrade it to the next level when you start the gold panning. Admire the highly detailed vehicles and gold mining machines. Purchase new, more efficient washing equipment parts to increase revenue. Explore a vast and detailed world through four unique gold mining rights with fully deformable terrain. Each segment of the world contains a background story that you can discover in your spare time. Let’s start digging!