Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Director Deathloop doesn’t have to worry about sales pressure: “This is not fast food. This is gourmet food.

Arkane is a highly acclaimed game studio, and its game sales rarely exceed a few million.Large budget games are expected to sell tens of millions of units. It is difficult to become a boutique studio that still prefers traditional packaging releases. However, according to reports, after the release of “Dishonored 2”, Akan (Arkane) Feeling pressure to make “Deathloop” a success Sales fell by 40% Compared to the first game, it does not show up. Deathloop director Dinga Bakaba said in a conversation with IGN that Arkane has the full support of Bethesda in pursuit of his concrete creative happiness.

“We want to give players something they really like. Things they will remember. Things they will talk about. Maybe they will hate things, but at least it won’t make them feel… basically indifferent. Indifference is us The enemy of what he did.” Bakaba said. “This is not fast food. This is a dish. So maybe you don’t like the taste, but at least it has the taste. It has personality.”Of course there is an infinite loop. Deathloop is a time loop adventure in the style of Hitchcock and Kill Bill. Deathloop has attracted people’s attention with its unique structure and graphic style. Arkane instructed Deathloop to release news earlier this month, and the response was very positive.

Previous projects such as Prey and Dishonored 2, although not necessarily mainstream appeal, they are known for their creativity. Due to poor marketing and short preparation time for comments, the prey’s life is particularly difficult. Within 6 months of launch, it will sell for $20.

As Deathloop is about to complete, Bakaba expressed his gratitude to Bethesda for its support. “We are lucky, our publisher is actually like this:’Yes! Do Arkane’s stuff! Do Arkane’s stuff! You are Arkane!’ Did you know? That’s great, otherwise, in the AAA space It would be impossible for a project like this to exist.”

Deathloop concept art

Bakaba said that in the end, the real pressure is to make great games, “don’t catch up with sales.” He hopes that since Arkane is part of Xbox Game Studios, he will continue, noting that Game Pass is a potential positive. Bakaba did not go into details, but Game Pass is a boon for some creators because it encourages players to try games that might otherwise be overlooked.

But for now, Deathloop is a timed exclusive version of PS5, and Bakaba thinks the reasons there are also very optimistic. “As we all know, Sony does not shy away from original games and interesting concepts. Returnal is one of our exclusive games on the platform, and before that, it was Death Stranding. Sony is never afraid of innovation and artistic vision.”

One way or another is that Arkane is free to focus on creativity rather than audience expectations, and Deathloop reflects this. The game will be released on PS5 and PC on September 14.At the same time, a large number of new Deathloop reports have been released, so please check our understanding of Deathloop’s PvP can even become a cooperative game, and our breakdown of the reason why the game is not a gangster, but a supernatural killer