Tuesday, January 18th, 2022

Digital Foundry launches GTA trilogy analysis, describing GTA3 on Switch as “big mess”

It’s fair to say that Grand Theft Auto: Trilogy-The Definitive Edition -From now on, only “GTA Trilogy” has been pasted online a bit. Rockstar is a very wealthy and successful gaming company, but three iconic GTA game remasters have been criticized for their art style and performance and have been chosen for their seemingly sloppy code. -The PC version is currently unavailable for a variety of reasons. One goal is to remove malicious files of content that shouldn’t exist altogether.

It was messed up, and sadly it didn’t make a difference in terms of the switch. In a GTA Trilogy review, he blamed the Switch port and described it as a “surprisingly rough package.” Still, it’s understandable that some people find it piled up and may be exaggerated. Is it really that bad?

Now, the technical analysis of Digital Foundry is (at the top of the page), starting with the oldest remastered game, Grand Theft Auto 3, and the title that first took off and smashed on the PS2. .. This is a long video that focuses on the artistic and technical aspects of the remaster for the first 16 minutes or so.The performance section follows, and you have to go about 24 minutes For the switch section.

It’s a pretty ugly display in the end, and DF criticizes resolution, visual quality, and even performance that can’t reach stable 30fps. On the one hand, Unreal Engine open-world games are often a problem with Switch, but as the video suggests, The witcher 3 When Dying of the light The release of this GTA Trilogy is inadequate enough to set high standards.

Overall, the message is a harsh rating and uses a language that is very important for the switching task.

The update will probably improve, but it’s a problematic release, especially on Switch. Please let us know what you think. Of course, if you choose to buy on Switch, let us know what you think about port quality.