Image: Pokemon Company / Baccarat

You yourself For real serious Pokemon You’re a fan because you own all the games, some plush toys, and a (totally non-sarcastic) Ash Ketchum cap, but if you’re really devoted to the brand, you’re 25,000 in your game Need to raise the dollar because the Pokemon Company has partnered with French crystal maker Bacara to announce three special collector’s items to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Monster Catch series.

At the bottom of the scale is 5.7 inches Pikachu figure $ 440, and Crystal pocket ball It’s 2.7 inches high and returns to a cool price of $ 410.

However, the highlight of the collection is 1.8 inches high.Pikachu FragmentDesigned by Hiroshi Fujiwara. Only 25 of these are manufactured, which costs a whopping $ 25,000. Shish.

Baccarat Pikachu
Image: Pokemon Company / Baccarat

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