Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Did you find that the Famicom Detective Club hides Easter eggs?

We hope you can enjoy the Famicom Detective Club as we do. If you complete these two games-or if you have participated in both at least twice, then you may already have a neat little Easter egg to find yourself .

In “Missing Heir”, the butler Zenzou provides you with a speed dial number to reach the office of Kanda Law Firm. Dialing “*16” will take you to the assistant, who will usually tell you that the lawyer Kanda is no longer there.

In “The Girl Behind”, you can find the number of Bar Sambora in the later stages of the plot, and then you can call 007-1234 to talk to the bartender there.

But what will happen… if you are other game? We have tried, and although this is not groundbreaking, it is a small surprise for anyone who has played both games at the same time.

You can call Bar Sambora in The Missing Heir.
You can call Bar Sambora in The Missing Heir.
But in
But in “The Girl Standing Behind”, Kanda Law Firm changed to “Kanda Deli”!

Anyone who has played an old-fashioned adventure game with a mobile phone will almost certainly come across secrets, Easter eggs and jokes, so it is good to see that Famicom Detective Club has a long history of decades.

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