Activision Blizzard is currently facing Serious ongoing allegations of harassment When Abuse of left-behind workers.. For more information Access the timeline not only, Detailed report on the subject..

Joe Shely, who has worked on World of Warcraft and DIablo 3, has become the director of Diablo 4. Diablo 4 quarterly updateSherry said he was honored to continue his vision as the next director of Diablo.

Former coach Luis Bariga was dismissed from Activision Blizzard in August on allegations of harassment and abuse within Blizzard. Barriga has been with Blizzard since 2006 and was released with level designer Jesse McCree and WoW designer Jonatan LeCraft. In today’s post, Sherry briefly described the ongoing claims.

“Like many of you, our team looks back on recent events,” Sherry wrote. “Many things have happened since our last blog, and we need to continue the hard work to put our values ​​into practice. In parallel with that important work, we continue to develop Diablo IV. “

Activision Blizzard Proceedings Timeline: The Story So Far