Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Diablo 2: Resurrection suffers from familiar server issues

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Another launch of an online game, another launch with first day server issues. Today, games with online connectivity rarely launch without server issues. Unfortunately, for Paladins, Necromancers, Barbarians, and other players around the world, Diablo 2: Resurrection is not without its own problems.

Players have reported server issues where they can’t even play the game, and these same issues prevent players from seeing existing characters or creating new ones. Blizzard today announced that it will take the game offline for unscheduled maintenance to resolve the issue.

However, the game Subreddit and Twitter are still having problems, so it doesn’t seem to work very well.above Diablo 2: Resurrected Subreddit, The front page shows multiple posts on the screen saying “There was a problem communicating with the game server” and those players “need to confirm it” [they] You are connected to the internet, so please try again. ”

On Twitter, players have reported similar things, theorizing that the new is worse than the old

Blizzard tweeted again Approximately an hour after unscheduled maintenance, he “continues to tackle issues that affect character and game production.” A quick scroll of replies to that tweet reveals the frustration of players who can’t join.

Blizzard states that it is aware of the problem and is actively working on its value. But with today’s games, it’s clearly not great that players who bought this new game at launch can’t play as intended.

Server Issues Diablo 2: The issues faced by resurrected players today are not uncommon throughout the game. Square Enix’s Outriders suffered a major online outage just days after its launch It prevented what would have been a successful launch without it. Man’s Sky player on PC is not reporting server issues It’s not great to address these issues, as is the release date, but unfortunately it’s not uncommon.

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