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Diablo 2: Resurrected arrived and started a few days ahead of schedule. I’ve been crushing the devil for enough time, so now I’m in Act 3, but I’m never bored. I’m honestly happy. I probably played Diablo 2 for hundreds of hours (but made less than 1000 bets) between 2000 and 2007, but Resurrected is no longer actually made, not only aesthetically but mechanically. Completely stir up the itching of non-style games. It’s all back.

So the mood of this game is great. The updated graphics provide more than just a homage to the original game, adding environmental details that were out of the question in 2000. Places like the Monastery Gates in Act1 are always a bit strange outdoor areas from isometric. From the point of view, you can now see the roof on the building instead of the black sea behind the wall. Every scene and character model has a lot of detail, and I realize that I can dynamically switch between old and new graphics to see the contrast.

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It’s a bit sad to see Resurrected holding Diablo 2’s esoteric skill reset system. Get one respec for each difficulty level. The only way to get more is to train big bosses of rare items and then push them in. Your horadric cube. Unlimited respec is a prime candidate for overhaul to make Resurrected more accessible to new generations and mitigate skill trap issues, and could easily be disabled in ladder play.

Diablo 2: Another big update to Resurrected is a similar quality of life change, so that’s a bit of a bite. Instead of picking up the gold stack on a stack-by-stack basis, it will automatically grab it as you pass by. There is a difference between maintaining experience and not respecting the player’s time, and this change shows that small tweaks can greatly help get rid of the boring stuff from the original game without compromising anything.

The momentary gameplay that made Diablo 2 legendary at the time hasn’t changed at all.


However, the momentary gameplay that made Diablo 2 a legend at the time hasn’t changed at all. Exploration and combat are still deeply familiar. It’s a festival where you click (or now thumbstick) where you want to go and hit your enemies. As wild and chaotic as an isometric action RPG, but in the long run, after more than 20 years of game design innovation, it’s also a kind of … slow. The character doesn’t move fast, and running is restricted by your stamina bar. Massive and consistent use of town portal scrolling usually eliminates the need to go back, but it can be annoying at best. If you have a shield, running it will make your character block worse, but Diablo 2 won’t tell you this.

I couldn’t get out of Act 1 without looking at a combination of slotted runes that would produce armor with a bonus run / walk speed just for my own quality of life. It’s still unclear if having to fight these basic game mechanics will be fun in 2021 or for new Diablo 2 players who don’t know there is a solution to the problem.

I myself have other problems. How can I justify quitting LAN play? Why can’t I duplicate a multiplayer character into single player? The latter is of particular concern given that the server on the startup date is not running. Waiting to start the online world is a long time for everyone, and others report that their characters disappeared when they were disconnected. Fortunately, unlike Diablo 3’s memorable and horrifying launch, you can play offline while you wait for Blizzard to sort it out.

But none of these demons in the details have overcome the fact that I’m definitely having fun. The Diablo 2 design is very old, as an example of a relatively simple isometric action RPG. Yes, everyone has skills, but they all interact with the same system (Health, Mana, Stats). There are no unique currencies or meters to study in every class. Only a skill tree, a billion demons, and an endlessly equipped fountain. It’s still a satisfying game.

Look at this space. We’ll be jumping into Act 3 and beyond, so we’ll keep you updated in the coming days. For now, I’m sorry. I have to go show the door to Mephisto.