Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Devolver Digital opens the door to death for indie gems next month

Sony’s State of Play live stream today focused on offering third parties and indie music. It was a PlayStation event, but some of the announcements were for other platforms.

As emphasized by our colleagues in PushSquare, Highly rated fantasy action adventure Door of death It will be on Nintendo Switch on November 23rd. Two indie studios Acid Nerve in Manchester, EnglandTitan Souls) And published by Devolver Digital.

As stated in the official description of the game, you must act as a crow and reap the souls of the dead as they compete with time. Things get a little more interesting when your assigned soul is stolen, and you have to chase the thief by traveling to an untouched area of ​​death. Here, creatures grow far beyond their expiration and are full of greed and power.

Your job as a player is to kill countless enemies, solve puzzles and defeat pretty big boss-like enemies.

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