Saturday, June 12th, 2021

Devolver Digital is releasing physical-only Nintendo Switch games

When a developer or publisher announces a “digital only” version, it usually causes an uproar, but today it’s the opposite.

It is revealed that Devolver Digital, an independent representative of the avant-garde, will release Doinksoft’s new game Devil throttle As a pure physical game, with the help of the dealer Special Reserve.

This information was disclosed through a “sponsored leak” on the Twitter account, @瓦 Rio64The official Devolver Digital account also retweeted this tweet:

Doinksoft is famous for 2D Galactic Castlevania Gato RobotThere is currently no information about this new game, but Devolver Digital recently stated that it has Five new games will be displayed at the E3 show This year, including mention of Doinksoft’s new games.

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