Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Devolver Digital brings sludge life to Nintendo Switch early next month

The puzzle game in this “Mud Life” sucks. (image:

Back in February, avant-garde publisher Devolver Digital announced a quirky low-fidelity 3D adventure Sludge life Used for Nintendo Switch. For several months, its release date has been locked on June 2 (hence the beginning of next month).

The trailer is still just as crazy and confusing, so here are some PRs to illustrate what is left Cool Interactive Game Store Website You can check out.

In the upcoming marker GHOST roaming on a small island on a mud-covered planet, this is a handsome bandit, ready to fight for his rights among the graffiti elite. Traverse the company’s brand landscape, link with other tokenizers, and steal trash and love along the way. Will you become the king of the island and mark every open inch and seep into the sludge pump company GLUG, or just throw it all away? “

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