Tuesday, January 25th, 2022

Developers working on Metroid Dread don’t show up in credits

Credit has long been a thorny issue in the video game industry, and Mercury Steam is a modern studio that doesn’t list all the developers who worked on the game in credit, based on its internal credit policy.

As seen in ResetEra, Spanish game website Vandal Madrid-based Mercury Steam has published an article detailing how it didn’t list employees who worked on the game in less than 25% of the game’s total development time. According to this article, the game was developed for four years, so employees who worked on the game for less than a year were not credited.

Vandal’s article lists three uncredited developers in the game, including 3D artist Roberto Meijias, animator Tania Penaranda, and a third anonymous employee.Medias Linkedin Congratulate the team and ask Mercury Steam directly why he isn’t included in the credits, despite the game using the assets and environment that Medias worked on.

IGN is asking Nintendo and Mercury Steam for comment, GameSpot, Developers “certify everyone who proves minimum participation in a particular project. Usually the majority of developers. Set the minimum value to 25% of development time.”

Mercury Steam states that there are exceptions to employees who make “significant creative and / or technical contributions.”

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Credits in the video game industry may be subject to Byzantine rules set by individual companies. There is no universal standard for who earns credits for working on video games. Developers criticized in the past..

This is Mercury Steam’s second partnership with Nintendo in the Metroid series, previously working on the 2017 Metroid: Samus Returns on 3DS. The studio has also worked on several Castlevania Dracula games for Konami.

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