Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Details of the Halo Infinite Accessibility feature by 343 Industries

Xbox has taken a peek at some of Halo Infinite’s accessibility features, repeating its efforts to make the game more accessible to “an estimated 400 million or more disabled gamers around the world.”

These updates and many others It was part of Microsoft’s Xbox Accessibility Showcase. Paige Johnson of 343 Industries stopped by to share some of the accessible and customizable features that will be part of Halo Infinite when released on December 8, 2021.

The team’s goal was to “make the latest journey to the Halo Universe accessible to as many gamers as possible.” This includes veterans of the series and people who “difficult to play due to previously unexplained barriers.”

As detailed by 343 Industries, some of these new features include:

  • For subtitles:
    • Adjust the opacity of the background
    • Enable color coding for per-speaker dialogue
    • Choose to subtitle all dialogues or just those related to the campaign’s narrative
  • Customize menu and gameplay font sizes
  • Menu narration with adjustable narration speed for users who commonly use screen readers
  • A new mode called “linear navigation”. Users can navigate the UI without having to visually see how the controls are arranged on the screen to access them.
  • Options to change the color of allies and enemies to include more options than just red and blue
  • Other UI settings that make it easy to identify information in the HUD, such as the HUD (Heads Up Display) and reticle opacity.
  • Text-to-speech and voice-to-speech options for players who want to participate in voice chat, send synthetic voice, or receive voice chat as synthetic text
  • New customizations for players to control the sound experience with different volume sliders for different sounds in the game
  • Customize both the controller and keyboard and mouse to rebind keys, adjust sensitivity, change to tap, toggle and hold
  • New Movement Assisted Steering feature. This allows you to use additional controls to assist in steering wheeled vehicles, as well as traditional “look-to-steer” mechanics.

343 also strongly believes that “expression in the game is important”.To protect that mantra, it has worked with organizations such as: Warfighter engaged “Gamers offer new prosthetic options for customizing Spartans.”

According to 343, “Accessibility is a journey” and “in a way that empowers as many people as possible to fight with the Master Chief” promises to keep updating Halo Infinite.

Microsoft has also revealed some plans to improve accessibility on the Xbox. This includes adding a new game accessibility feature tag to the Microsoft store to help the game and the disabled community know which games have one of the 20 accessibility features implemented. These include “Narrated Game Menu, Subtitle Options, Input Remapping, Full Keyboard Support, and Single Stick Gameplay.”

There are also other new features coming soon on Xbox, such as quick settings, color filters, night mode display, and globalization of voice / text-to-speech chat settings.

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