Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Destiny can now be played on Twitter

Over the years, fans have succeeded in porting Doom to many strange and wonderful places. From pop-ups in Minecraft to running on the Apple Watch, the gaming community seems to be constantly finding new ways to play the game. As one of the more original ways to give fans access to the Doom universe, players can now complete the game on Twitter.

Creation Tweet2Doom bot The social media platform now allows users to complete the game using a variety of commands in Twitter replies to their accounts. That way, players can control the game’s iconic Doom Marine and see the results of their actions in a short 10-second clip sent back by their account.

A complete set of rules and playing methods can be found in Tweets pinned to your Tweet2Doom bot account. However, gameplay basically requires you to use a combination of letters and numbers to enter commands into the game and specify the number of frames to perform the action. Oddly enough, this gives the game a mostly turn-based feel, allowing the player to react and plot the next sequence of movements after the bot responds with a video detailing the last sequence of actions. ..

Since the creation of the bot, many fans have challenged the game. The various clips generated by the account show that the player hits a wall and blindly empties the clip in the air, but there are also some videos showing impressive runs. In the clip below, you can find an 11 second attempt by one player at level E1M1. This is the run that currently holds the record for Twitter2Doom speedruns.

Players continue to try each other’s record speedruns in the game on Twitter, but many fans have been very successful in completing the game through one of the more mainstream ports. You may notice. Earlier this year, the DoomSlayers collection was brought to the Nintendo Switch. Not only does this come with an additional bonus for subsequent Doom titles, but you don’t even have to play the game in a 10-second burst.

Jared Moore is a freelance writer for IGN.You can follow him twitter..