Saturday, July 31st, 2021

Destiny 2’s cross-game unexpected launch time is a few months earlier than planned, and you can access it now

“Destiny 2” fans have been eager to get the support of the cross-match, and several months ahead of schedule.

Video Game Chronicle The report said that the arrival of cross-match support is actually a technical blessing. Cozmo, Bungie’s chief community manager, posted a tweet on Wednesday asking players to participate until they disable the feature later this week.

“We saw reports that some players were able to peek at Cross-play,” Cozmo said. “This does not mean that it can be broadcast live, nor does it represent the full experience. We will implement a fix later this week to remove public access, but in the meantime, please feel free to participate.”

The Splicing Season of Destiny 2 also kicked off this week. According to reports, data miners quickly found evidence of a potential cross-game beta version of Destiny 2 in the future, and pointed out the strike for the competitive cross-game Vanguard. And the new logo awarded. European games.

“Destiny 2” assistant game director Joe Blackburn (Joe Blackburn) said in February that Bungie plans to launch a crossover game sometime this fall.

You can view the Destiny 2 Stitcher Battle Pass trailer to see all the new weapons and cosmetics available now.
Joseph Knoop is a writer/producer/hunter at IGN.