Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Destiny 2 has a Halo-themed weapon for Bungie’s 30th anniversary

Bungy’s 30th Anniversary is live, and as fans speculate, Destiny 2 will feature Halo-themed items, including weapons based on Halo weapons such as battle rifles and energy swords.

When Bungee announced its 30th anniversary celebration, the company revealed that it would celebrate everything in the past with items inspired by classic bungee games like marathons. However, Halo, the largest bungee series of all of them, is not mentioned. Still, fans expected Bungy to respect this part of the company’s history, and today the company does.

Destiny 2-30th Anniversary Weapons and Cosmetics

Destiny 2’s Halo weapons and cosmetics have different names. For example, the Magnum is called the Forerunner Exotic Sidearm or BxR-55 Butler for battle rifles. These seven weapons are free for everyone who plays Destiny 2.

A new trailer celebrating the anniversary features items inspired by other Halo. One such item is a sparrow designed to resemble a covenant ghost. In addition, a Ghost shell with a Halo ring around it.

Halo-themed items add to other bungie cosmetics, such as the mythical claymore sword and marathon shotguns. The 30th Anniversary event will include new dungeons, activities, and another chance to unlock the famous Gjallarhorn rocket launcher.

Halo-themed items are free for everyone, but Gjallarhorn and other new exotics are only available to Destiny 2 players who have purchased the 30th Anniversary Pack. Packs are sold separately or as part of a bundle with the next Witch Queen Expansion.

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