Wednesday, December 8th, 2021

Demon Turf Review (Switch) | Nintendo Life

If there’s one thing gamers are constantly craving for, it’s a decent 3D platformer. This genre has dominated classic games so far, but it’s no exaggeration to say that its popularity has diminished with the advent of shooters and action RPGs in the 2000s. In fact, unless your 3D platformer is named “Mario,” “Clash,” or “Spiro,” you can face a rather steep and difficult battle for success.

Demon Turf seems to captivate old-fashioned platform enthusiasts while implementing some of the latest elements to keep things fresh. Developed by Fabraz and published by Playtonic Friends, the game requires navigating a series of levels (or “turf”) to reclaim land from the Devil’s King and eventually rob him of the ruler. The throne starring Beebz, a 1000-year-old demon.

Making a 3D platformer feel real “retro” can be a daunting task. Thankfully, Demon Turf pulls it off for the most part. Spend most of your time using Beebz’s various abilities to move from A to B, jump over platforms, bounce off trampolines, and dispatch different enemies in the way. Your goal is to collect batteries to unlock the gateway to the zone’s boss character. Defeating these will advance you to the next series of stages.

Feeling of platform control Remarkably tight. It’s clear that developer Fabraz has taken some notes from Nintendo’s premier platformer. Beebz can perform triple jumps, backflips, and long jumps, all of which are easy to perform and stitch together.Over time, you will pull off the ridiculous feat of the movement that will create a particular plumber. beam Take pride. At first we need a little learning curve. Moving 2D sprites effectively within the 3D world can be a bit uncomfortable at the first few levels, but after a while it settles into a nice rhythm.

DemonTurf’s unique checkpoint system comes in handy here, as the stage itself can be difficult. Rather than running out of standard checkpoints like all other platformers on the market Own Set a checkpoint by raising a flag on the ground at the selected point. Due to the limited number of flags available, deciding where to use the flags can make the level simpler or navigate like a nightmare. You can teleport between checkpoints if you wish, but you rarely need to.

However, in essence, you may not be able to set your own checkpoints. For real Add a lot of value to your experience. Piling the lawn is a fun idea, but often you get hooked on going through each level and forget to raise the flag. In other words, if you make a final mistake, you’ll be back soon. NS It emphasizes a specific area of ​​each stage, which is a convenient place to raise a flag, but this definitely goes against the whole concept.

It’s as good as platforming, but unfortunately the same isn’t true for combat. This is simply jerky and repetitive, stopping the momentum gained during the platforming segment. At various intervals, you will come across a small confined arena where several enemies will spawn. All of them must be removed to unlock the next path through the stage. By default, Beebz can fire projectiles that push enemies backwards on impact. This means you can use it to fly from the edge of the arena or send it directly to the wall of the spikes. It sounds fun in theory, but the execution feels flat.

As you progress through the game, you’ll gain new abilities like grapple hooks. It can be used for both traversal and grappling to enemies, but with this ability it never feels intuitive or fun (at least outside of traversal). Every time the combat section emerged, we noticed that we were rushing through it just to return to the stellar platform. Thankfully, the time spent on the platform far exceeds the occasional combat section.

Beyond the standard level, there’s a lot more to do in the game hub world. You will meet many characters here. Some characters offer challenging challenges, such as a fairly whimsical golf game that moves huge rocks towards the goal. You can also collect items such as lollipops and exchange them for colored dyes, so you can mix in the look of Beebz during your journey.

Demon Turf, which features a flat 2D character in a 3D environment, looks a bit better at first, Odd number. In fact, visual style juxtaposition actually has a lot of appeal — it’s not entirely a paper mario, but it works. The cast of the Beaves and its surroundings has so many elements of expression that it reminds me of so many of Zelda’s legendary tact timeless styles.

Music and sound design is also worth a word.Music reminded us of games like Splatoon and classic Dreamcast titles Jet set radio, Vinyl scrubs and rhythmic beats make up the bulk of the song.It’s just a heap attitude ――We love it. Most of the core characters are fully voice-based.This is part of the cast a bit Sometimes iffy.


Demon Turf is a great platformer hampered from true greatness by a boring and repetitive section of combat. But if you push this forward, you’ll get a bold and brave rewarding game enhanced by great platform controls that allow you to stitch together incredible combos. The visuals are a bit jarring at first, but the character design is really shining and gives it a timeless aesthetic. If you’re a fan of 3D platformers since the “Golden” N64 era, this is worth a look.