Demon Turf
image: Playtonic Friends / Fabraz

Last June, Fabraz-The team behind a great 2D platformer Slime -Lifted the lid of a brand new 3D platformer “With attitudeKnown as Demon Turf..

Recently confirmed to be published by Playtonic Friends (the same developer behind). Yooka-Laylee) And now there seems to be a release date. According to the Switch eShop list, Demon Turf should arrive on November 4th, early next month.

Let’s talk a little about it, along with its appearance.

“There are all sorts of nuisances living in the demon world … most of them are gathered in gangsters fighting for control, each led by their own head Honmachi. But even these bad guys Not comparable to the Demon King himself! Instead, the task falls to Beaves, a young demon just 1000 years old, says it’s time for her to kick the ass of all the turf leaders and become the Devil Queen herself. I decided. “

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