Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Demon Slayer: Hinoka Micronicle-Final Preview

CyberConnect2 has established itself as one of the best in the business when it comes to adapting from anime to video games, and the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm series, along with Dragon, is the most loyal and visual of the group. It is highly regarded as one of the spectacular ones. Ball Z Kakarot takes DBZ’s prestigious heritage very well.

The team’s next project is a really great anime, Kimetsu no Yaiba. Based on my early experience at the Hinogami Chronicle, that’s exactly what you’d expect from CyberConnect2: an absolutely stunning reenactment of the most memorable narrative moments of the Devil’s Blade, ever seen. It’s a friendly battle with some of the wildest super moves and some rough edges, but nothing is sharp enough to ease the excitement of big Demon Slayer fans.

If you’ve played any of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games, you’ll know a lot about the story mode of the Hinogami Chronicle. This is a summary version of the Demon Slayer story, focusing primarily on the biggest moments of the 26-episode anime and covering the events through the end of the first season. Hinokami Chronicles can actually take pages from the playbooks of the first two Ultimate Ninja Storm games in the position of protagonists such as Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, and roam the world talking to NPCs. .. Find collectible memories that unlock the anime scene and sniff out the scent of the devil that will guide you to your final destination.

It also fights many non-genuine enemies in the form of basic demons. These enemies tend to jump out of the thin air and attack in certain areas, but the real star in this mode is a big battle with the main. The villain of each arc. These are epic battles with enemies that can power up against them and become almost impervious to attacks, fighting them in a very different way than regular enemies in anti-mode. You will be forced to do that. Doing enough damage to them will trigger one of CyberConnect2’s well-known QTE-equipped finales. It uses the visuals inside the engine to recreate the same climatic scene from the anime almost shot by shot. These are truly remarkable sights and only help further prove that CyberConnect2 is the master that brings the spectacle of anime to the world of video games.

In the fight against mechanics, Hinoka Micronicle is pretty familiar to those who play Arena Fighters, especially those who played previous games of CyberConnect2, but there are quite a few differences. However, at the basic level, there is one button for attack, and you can either mash that button into a basic combo, hold it down and put it into an aerial combo, or hold it down and it will end in a hard knockdown. Can be Each character has three special movements that you can usually extend these combos to finish with heavy damage and provide other utilities. For example, Urokodaki can use his third Special Move to trap the ground, Inosuke can use him to smash an attack, and Tanjiro can be used like an invincible awakening attack.

Its Special Move is associated with the Blue Special Move Meter, which also manages its ability to use Jump Cancel, Evasion Cancel, and more. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of it as a limited resource associated with some of the most important techniques. Also, it will not be regenerated during dodging, but will be regenerated quickly if you pause for 1 second and do not press the button.

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One of the biggest differences in the Hinoue Chronicle is that it includes a combo timer. This seems to be used primarily as a way to prevent infinity, but it wisely encourages and rewards high-risk play. When you run a standard combo, the orange combo timer counts down the time remaining before your opponent automatically pops out and resets to the neutral position. The movement to start the combo determines the length of the combo meter. Certain characters, such as Zenitsu, reach a special move that allows them to start a combo almost from full screen. In such cases, the combo timer will turn red and be considerably shorter. Inosuke, on the other hand, has a Lecca-style Special Move that gets a green combo timer, which takes a considerable amount of time to do a lot of damage when landing.

Things get interesting when you can use dangerous parry to divert an enemy’s attack at the perfect time. Landing any of these will give you a green combo timer that can do a lot of damage. This is a great example of risk vs. reward, limiting the terrible feeling of being trapped in a combo forever and doing nothing.

Hinokami Chronicles is also a 2v2 fighter, with partners connected to a 2 bar meter with both offensive and defensive options. You can use one bar to summon your teammates and perform one of two assisted attacks. You can also replace them by holding down the tag button. However, keep in mind that they both share the same lifebar. But importantly, you can also use both bars to put in a partner and scoop out of the combo. This will save your life and give you an advantage.

In addition to that, there is another called push block, a special power-up mode that guards against weakened and powerful attacks that can be powered up with a light attack, a special power-up mode that increases the strength of the attack, and a surge mode that provides a temporary unlimited meter. There are power-ups and so on. Of course, one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen is the aforementioned Super Move.

Demon Slayer –Kimetsu no Yaiba –The Hinokami Chronicles Screenshots –Summer of Gaming 2021

It’s easy to see that many thoughts have been put into some of the deeper mechanics, despite the fact that the Devil’s Blade combat is simple at the surface level and may come across as shallow at first. I can do it.

Overall, the Hinogami Chronicle is shaped to be a promising start, although it’s almost certain that it’s a series of demon slayer games. Story mode appears to meet the same quality standards set by Ultimate Ninja Storm and Kakarot, and the mechanics of combat are well known, but to better match the combat style of Demon Slayer, and CyberConnect. A game that feels carefully tuned to improve some of the previous weaknesses of Two. When the Devil’s Blade Hinokami Chronicle is released on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on October 13, 2021, you’ll see how the rest of the game is carried.

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