It’s been two years since Death Stranding was released. At that time, Kojima’s epoch-making delivery man simulator PS4 version and PC version sold more than 5 million copies in total, and it was a success. But anecdotally, the ones who played Death Stranding and completely liked it came across as many people as those who deliberately bounced off during harsh business hours. What this PlayStation 5 Director’s Cut seems to have in mind is the latter group, who probably wanted to like it but couldn’t do it with other fence sitters. Rafts of quality of life improvements and player-friendly features specially added to make the more manageable Mogura Hill from its many formidable mountains. It’s strange that many of these concessions seem to be in direct conflict with the deliberate hard-working spirit that many have evaluated for the original version, which makes the director’s cut feel somewhat compromised.

The new shooting range is definitely welcome. Accessed from the distribution center terminal, you can grab all your weapons. Thanks to the subtle feedback provided by DualSense’s adaptive triggers, each weapon is now felt more clearly. In addition to blasting paper targets, there are about 30 different VR drills that compete with watches from stealth slice umbilical cords to BT gauntlet runs and grenades to make fools from MULE. These are small challenges that are fun in their own right, but more importantly, you can get a feel for Death Stranding combat without the risk of losing valuable cargo associated with trying to learn to fight at work. ..

The shooting range may provide a safe space for mastering Death Stranding combat, but it doesn’t change the game as much as a buddy bot or cargo catapult. Previously used for glimpses of cutscenes or invisible to auto-delivery, buddy bots can now be used in a variety of ways. Alternatively, you can load the cargo, slam it into the butt of a cheeky robot, and watch it sprint towards the destination of the cargo. If that still sounds like a daunting task, you can also use the autopilot to carry a Norman Reedus-shaped bone bag to your local distribution center. A boring domestic cat riding a rumba.

Great news for anyone who has wondered what it must be like to be a boring domestic cat riding a rumba.


On the other hand, a cargo catapult that allows you to start building near the midpoint of the story allows you to load boxes and fire them at distances of hundreds of meters across the map. This is a bit like using one of the angry birds as a carrier pigeon. Before triggering the parachute to manually guide the parachute to the ground safely, there is a limit to the distance that the flying cargo can be launched, but at least clear the nasty crevasses and wide rivers in Hideo Kojima’s stunning location. Is enough for. A post-apocalyptic American vision (although strangely Icelandic).

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During my darkest time in the original game (such as an extended slog through the mountain for about 20 hours of the story), even in the middle of the mountaintop destination I loaded, for firing a box of medicines If you provided a cannon, it fired directly at your beautiful face with a hundred dollar bill. However, while cargo catapults and buddy bots do reduce the pain of completing an order in Death Stranding, they are not always really fun. At the end of the day, you’re still moving a stack of indistinguishable boxes from A to B over and over again. The ease of tedious work doesn’t make it boring or repetitive. With the calculator app on your mobile phone, you may not have to rely on your fingers, but paying taxes doesn’t make you any more excited.

The ease of tedious work doesn’t make it boring or repetitive.


In fact, Death Stranding’s original “cut” was certainly dissatisfied, but I never thought that the demanding delivery gameplay was accidentally difficult. Kojima is arguably one of the boldest game designers in history and seems to be surrounded by a highly talented team at Kojima Productions. Death Stranding is not a great game idea that didn’t run well. In my opinion, it’s a fundamentally unattractive idea for a game that runs very well.

It’s especially strange that some of these director’s cut additions seem to be actively undermining what I interpret as the overall meaning behind gameplay. Unless I make a mistake, Death Stranding rewards are aimed at managing cargo carefully, planning intelligent routes to destinations, and earning successful deliveries. Buddy bots tackle that daunting task, load it into a cargo tray, and literally go back all the way to take potential satisfaction. To be sure, there is a slight penalty for leaving everything to your beloved droid. Buddy bot delivery is limited to A rating. That is, you will get slightly less likes than completing a delivery without assistance and achieving an S rank. It’s also not entirely certain, as you can get stuck in steep terrain. But both of these are minor inconveniences that suffer in exchange for such a significant reduction in labor.

Some of the additions to these director’s cuts actively undermine the overall meaning behind gameplay.


Follow your steps

On the other hand, there are (probably) some features aimed at seducing Die Hard’s Deathstrand fans, or Die Hard fans who Kojima prefers to call them, but like the contents of Sam’s backpack, he Rolled down a moderate slope, these are a little mixed bags. At the very least, you’ll have quick access to most of the new features without having to start the entire campaign over. As long as you have access to the completed PS4 save, you can keep all progress and various sharing structures and import them into your PS5 version.

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As for the content of the new story, I couldn’t say I was asked for details because there were too many explanations for the ending, but this director’s cut was only a very modest serving, but gave me them anyway. rice field. The new abandoned factory is located northeast of the distribution center west of Capital Knot City. (It’s certainly confusing to give instructions in Death Stranding. It’s no wonder these people never leave the bunker.) It’s an interesting exploration in a dilapidated facility embedded on the side of the mountain. It provides space, but not enough to actually leave. mark. It’s virtually a short sequence that gives fresh insights into the two main areas, each containing a swarm of small guards for retrieval, the Metal Gear Solid Reference of Tokens, and the inside story of one of Sam’s closest allies. It has been constructed. If you’re fascinated by the end of the world folklore created by Kojima Productions, you’ll probably wrap it up, but don’t expect a huge amount of new information to be revealed.

Elsewhere, if you want to go from Postman Pat to Evil Knieval, there’s a ramp to build. There is a new mazer gun that fires electricity, allowing mules to get involved in submissions like Ghostbusters’ proton packs. You have the option to play the boss battle and compare the score with other players. Unfortunately, none of the options are “soundproof”, but you can also customize your BB pod with a variety of cosmetic options such as “wood grain” and “leather”. There are quite a few other small additions that make up a fairly long list of new features, but none of them make a big difference in gameplay as Buddybot.