Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

Deathloop developers say there’s another big secret to discover

Deathloop level designer Julien Eveillé said there’s another big secret to the game that fans haven’t found yet.

Deathloop has many grounds to cover. The game is spread over four different areas, each with access to four different periods. If that’s not enough, the player’s story experience will appear in different ways, depending on the different scenarios you set up along the way. Since the game’s release last month, the internet has been pretty relentless in its efforts to uncover many of the hidden depths of Blackleaf, but the tweet from Eveillé is a big one for someone to reveal. It suggests that there is still one secret left.

“It’s true that the Internet couldn’t find everything that was previously hidden in Deathloop,” says Eveillé. “There is still one secret I want someone to find.”

However, solving the mystery may not be as easy as exploring the different parts of Deathloop. After all, if so, people would probably have found it by now. In response to a fan’s question about the nature of secrets, Eveillé said: !! “

Eveillé provided a bit more to get the fans in the right direction, but the developer’s pinned tweet explains that he worked primarily at level Updaam during the noon and afternoon hours of the region. It can easily become an irrelevant factor in revealing the whereabouts of secrets, but it may also provide a good place to start.

According to the developers, the secret should be fairly obvious if discovered. “This secret isn’t so hidden. It’s actually very” sniffing “, but it depends on a series of-not so obvious-odds,” he says. So if you’re currently playing the Deathloop story and realize that it’s rooted in a series of “less obvious” events, keep an eye out for the secrets hidden in obvious sight-you’re just May make one Arkane developer day.

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