Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Death lurks in the first major update of the outbreak: Endless Nightmare


  • Outbreak: endless nightmare Celebrate the most successful release in the history of the series, including numerous improvements such as precise aiming, a comprehensively improved FPS mode, and more features directly driven by player feedback.
  • These updates are now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.
  • Learn more about the content roadmap for the game in the coming year!

Hey survivor!

The Apocalypse of the Undead is intensified with the first major update Outbreak: endless nightmare Now available on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One! Return to the world of retro survival horror, use the brand new precision aiming mode and free perspective, completely improved FPS view and other semi-procedural nightmare battles based entirely on community feedback! Everything from game balance to loading time, frame rate, etc. has been improved and brought many improvements in the quality of life. Read on to learn about the massive successful release of the game, these brand new updates, and the roadmap for next year’s title.

The most successful release in the history of the outbreak series!

Outbreak: endless nightmare Is the first headline break out The series is for both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One.Since the release, we have seen break out Compared with the previous game, the player base has increased by more than 8 times. We also received a lot of excellent player feedback, which directly promoted the improvement of the game. This success gave us the opportunity to focus on the continuous update of the game and develop a broad roadmap for the coming year!

More than 20 major enhancements have been added directly from community feedback

Now is the best time to jump in Endless nightmare! Precise aiming and free angle of view are the new default control schemes for over-the-shoulder and first-person shooting modes. Your survivors are now more agile, able to shoot, and can aim for headshots in a larger area to cause great damage. The balance of weapons has also been greatly improved, and powerful weapons like shotguns can cause the explosive damage you expect when killing hordes of zombies. Gore also made improvements to make it more realistic. The cooperation model has also undergone major reforms, making it more fun than ever!

Outbreak: endless nightmare

Get close to individuals in the overhauled first-person shooter view

Face the undead directly in the improved first-person shooter game mode. It now provides a clear, beautifully animated view showing the body of the survivors and their weapons, driven by the real-time physics system working in the title. This view also greatly improves the accuracy of the weapon, allowing you to challenge threats at greater distances, while ensuring that the controls are responsive and compact. This is the feature most needed by the community, and we are happy to deliver it so quickly after launch! If you want, you can also selectively enable the “retro style” OTS/FPS mode originally introduced with the title during the game.

Outbreak: endless nightmare

Performance improvements and better control of graphics

New options have been added that allow you to choose game resolution (Xbox Series X only), graphics quality, and vertical sync options. On Xbox Series X, you can now choose from four graphics modes: performance (1​​080p), quality (1080p with real-time shadows), performance+ (native 4K) and quality+ (native 4K with real-time shadows) ) Prioritize frame rate or graphics quality. On all platforms, we also added an independent vertical synchronization option to achieve 60fps, 30fps or unlocked frame rate. In addition, the loading time is nearly 3 times faster and the frame rate is increased by 20% (varies by platform and game scene). The texture quality of each part of the title has also been improved.

Outbreak: endless nightmare

And more…

It’s just about how Endless nightmare Continuous development since its launch. But you will also see numerous improvements in all aspects of the game experience, including numerous bug fixes. All of these are now available through cumulative updates the game has received since its release. Now is the best time to jump back into the nightmare!

Outbreak: endless nightmare

Apocalypse’s destruction roadmap

In the next year, you can expect two major expansions Endless nightmare Come out of the shadows.exist Time Hub (ETA Winter 2022), Lydia will be forced to re-examine the distorted changes in her memories of the explosion, which were summoned by the terrifying ghoul. Later, The Resurrection of Apocalypse (ETA Spring 2022) Will continue her story after the incident Endless nightmare When she ventured into the unknown. These expansion packs will contain new content and game scenes, as well as some twists and turns that you absolutely never expected!

Keep on surviving!

Thanks to everyone who supported break out Series over the years.It’s awesome Endless nightmare Setting a new benchmark for the success of the entire series, we are excited for the coming year! I wish you survive there!

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Outbreak: endless nightmare

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Outbreak: The endless nightmare distorts the survival horror game of the series by adding roguelike game elements. You need to explore, find supplies, find clues, and fight hard in each anomaly-each anomaly consists of semi-procedurally generated instances, where the environment and undead are killing you! After the Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles event, you will immediately find yourself trapped in the ruins of Arzt Memorial Hospital-here is the central chaos where you organize inventory and storage caches, upgrade your characters, or take a breath before returning from the adventure.​​​ In addition to the brutal army of undead, there are more places to explore in the world-look for journals scattered everywhere to learn more about the epidemic, and finally find a refuge! Don’t think that death can save you—every time you die, you wake up trapped in this connection. Outbreak: The endless nightmare focuses on extreme replayability by providing multiple character options-each character has its own ability, upgrade path, and more! Every time you venture into an anomaly, it will change and become more and more difficult as your power increases. You need to carefully consider which weapons, healing items, and other supplies to bring. If you are lucky, you may find a storage cache that gives you access to expanded inventory and provides opportunities for replenishment. However, you can search for supplies in your environment. If you run out…your destiny is doomed!