Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Deals: The new Nintendo Switch + Ring Fit Adventure Bundle is now available at My Nintendo Store UK

If you’re looking for a new switch for this festive season, My Nintendo Store UK has a new set of console bundles that include Ring Fit Adventure. This is great for keeping weight on holidays, or at least slowing your progress as minced meat. A pie and cheese course begins to sneak up on your meal.

The new bundle, which includes the required Ring-Con controller and leg straps, as well as the Ring Fit Adventure digital download code, saves £ 19.99 on the included product when purchased separately. There are two bundled products that add either Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury or Animal Crossing, and an additional £ 50 switch carry case.

The bundle is currently available and should take enough time to arrive in time for the holidays (snowstorms, strikethroughs, and vacations on the permitted lines).

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If you’re wondering if this fitness game is really worth the investment, after all, we bought exercise software in the past and lost interest after a while! — We were very impressed with Ring Fit Adventure and said in a review:

If you’re a gym addict, you probably shouldn’t throw away your membership card yet, but for everyone else who wants to be healthier, this is a great way to keep you from getting bored meaninglessly. If you play it properly, you can definitely feel it the next morning. This shows that it has at least some effect. You can come back again and again in a fascinating adventure mode with RPG elements.

If you purchased any of these Switch Fitness Bundles on your holiday, please let us know below.