Updated (Friday, September 24, 2021 12:30 BST):Anyone Pre-order for Metroid Dread Alternatively, bundles featuring games from the My Nintendo Store UK will automatically participate in the draw and win one of 10 Metroid Dread accessory bundles. As mentioned above, the custom swish wired controller and switch carry case are embroidered. With Samus in her terrifying outfit.

Anyone who has an existing pre-order from this outlet will automatically participate in the lottery, so don’t worry if you pre-order a few months ago.

Original post: It will take less than three months for Metroid Dread to appear on Nintendo Switch. If you’re considering a pre-order, now may be the best time to strike.

The My Nintendo Store in the UK has revealed that every pre-order for the game comes with a special gift bundle. Free keyrings, posters and sticker sheets are also available when you receive either the Standard Edition or the Special Edition. Neat..

All pre-orders already placed in either version will be upgraded to receive a gift bundle. If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you can book at: However, at the time of writing, the store only has the standard version in stock.

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Pre-order bonus for Metroid Dread

If you want to monitor the inventory of special editions of the special amiibo that will be released with the game, we recommend bookmarking the Metroid Dread pre-order guide.

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