image: Nintendo / Lego

Today we are launching the latest additions to the LEGO Super Mario Set Collection in the form of LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Blocks.

This trick box hasn’t been delivered yet, but it’s an ingenious 64-bit platformer such as Mario, Peach, and a micro version of Bowser (the latter is hidden to find the unquestionable box bazaar). It has various levels of. I can’t wait to get it at last.

If you haven’t received your order yet (perhaps more willing than us), My Nintendo Store UK will launch a free Super Mushroom Surprise Expansion Set every time you order this big box. Not a bad giveaway, but you’ll want to get as much value as you can with a £ 159.99 set!

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If you plan to pick up this blockiest block sooner or during the holiday season, or if you already have one, please let us know below. If so, we are “energetic,” as the kids said before they realized it was very ridiculous.