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Deadly Frames: Blackwater Maidens-12 Tips and Tips to Help Get Off Those Nasty Ghosts

Are you scared of ghosts? number? Prove! Deadly Frame: Blackwater Maiden Available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, it will take horrifying fans to the eerie Mt. Hikami. Mt. Hikami is a sanctuary suffering from strange and unfortunate events, and water is believed to be full of revenge. Do you think you need something to fight off deadly ghosts and unravel the mysteries surrounding Mt. Hikami? Here are 12 tips and tricks to help you start your scary journey.

Tip 1: Follow the shadow

When you reach Mt. Hikami, use your five senses. Press and hold RT to focus and enhance your senses, and you’ll see a silhouette that points you to your next destination. Those silhouettes are called traces — shadows of the past (at least in most cases) left by beings that are no longer part of this world. Be careful with Explorer! Traces may guide you on the right path, but they can’t protect you from the myriad threats that roam across the mountains!

Tip 2: Get ready to die (not die)

Devilishing is not tourism! Before starting each chapter, be sure to redeem the points earned in the previous missions to get all the items you need, from different film types to healing items. Preparation is given when you have to face an entity that is ready to return from death.

Deadly Frame: Blackwater Maiden Screenshot

Tip 3: Lock and load

A hostile ghost is in front of you. Taking pictures with the camera obscura can be damaged. There are a few things to keep in mind when faced with hostile ghosts. Press and hold LT to lock the ghost in the center circle of the camera obscura. While locked, the camera automatically tracks the ghost and keeps it in the center of the screen.

Tip 4: The ghost of Shuraba

After shooting a hostile ghost once, you will notice debris flying around it. They are called spirit fragments and are part of the entities scattered after the attack. These are very useful as one of the main reasons. Spirit fragments are considered targets by the camera obscura, and if there are 5 or more photo targets in the capture area, the entire capture area turns red. If you take a picture at this time, a photo opportunity will occur, causing great damage and repelling the ghost.

Deadly Frame: Blackwater Maiden Screenshot

Tip 5: Professional photographer

During the game, you will get an additional lens for the Camera Obscura. All of these lenses have special effects. Use the up and down buttons on the four-way controller to switch between them and press RT to use the current button. These lenses consume spiritual power but help protect you from powerful entities.

Tip 6: Deadly frame

Hostile ghosts are still here. You see it coming. We’re just a few feet away from you, but wait a minute! To repel it in the most effective way, you have to wait until the last second before it attacks you. Can you hear me can you see it? The finder will turn red and you will hear an alarm-like sound. Now is the time to press the shutter. What you did was a deadly frame. This is a powerful attack that causes great damage and repels ghosts. But it’s not over yet, the deadly time has just begun. Break the shutter as many times as you like! Fatal Time allows you to take quick, continuous photos without consuming film.

Deadly Frame: Blackwater Maiden

Tip 7: Harder, better, faster, stronger photos

Standing in front of you is the strongest ghost you’ve ever faced, and even if you landed multiple deadly frames, you couldn’t repel it! what do you do now? Please calmly replace the film. You can change the film type of the camera obscura by pressing the left or right direction of the direction pad when aiming. 7, 14, 61, 90 … The higher the number, the stronger the power to repel spirits. Only Type-07 can be used without worrying about the quantity, but please note that the power is insufficient and charging is slow. Other types of film need to be purchased or are scattered in the mountains. Rumors also talk about Type Zero movies. What power can be hidden behind this name?

Tip 8: Feel the power

When you aim at the camera obscura, a gauge will be displayed at the bottom left of the screen. This gauge represents the spirit power that increases as you take pictures of ghosts. The more damage you do, the more spirit power you absorb.

Deadly Frame: Blackwater Maiden

Tip 9: No one said in this game, “I like mountains better than the sea.”

If there are items, spirits, or other clues nearby, you will see a white filament on the screen. Go in that direction and find something worth noting. However, be careful. If the filament is red instead of white, it means that a hostile ghost is nearby. Get your camera obscura ready before it’s too late! Or you can escape too. Remember that not all battles are worth fighting.

Tip 10: Be careful. You will catch colds and ghosts.

On Mt. Hikami, water is unusual. In various situations, such as being caught by a drowned ghost, the character gets wet and the gauge called the wetness gauge fills up. When it’s full, you need to be very careful. Ghosts that attack you are far more dangerous. However, it also increases the amount of damage it can do and the amount of spirit power it absorbs. Be careful – ghosts are more likely to appear when wet.

In addition, certain special ghosts can use attacks that make the wetness gauge red. Be very careful as you will not only receive more damage, but you will gradually lose strength. But that also means that your ability to absorb your offensive and spiritual power will increase further.

Deadly Frame: Blackwater Maiden

Tip 11: Item Finder

The Camera Obscura has many secrets that can help you in ways other than repelling hostile ghosts. If there is something that can be seen only by the camera obscura, it may start to react. Focus on the reaction by pressing and locking the LB, then turn the camera obscura to match the angle of the object. If you find the correct angle, the capture area will turn red. Press RT to take a picture that reveals hidden places and objects.

Tip 12: Good reflexes for good ghost hunters

You find a handy item on the ground, reach out to grab it, and suddenly a ghostly white hand appears out of nowhere and grabs you. This can be avoided by quickly releasing the grab button to grab the item, but to grab it, quickly move the left and right sticks from left to right at the same time to release them.

Deadly Frame: Blackwater Maiden

That’s enough to talk about deadly frames. Play the game! We hope these tips will help you in your ghostly adventure.

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[Early Purchase Bonus]– Yuri Costume: Ryza Costume, Ryza Hat Note: This content is included free of charge if purchased before November 11, 2021. It may be sold separately at a later date. “Zero Zero” will make its debut on Xbox to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the horror adventure series “Zero Zero”.
[The Story]Mt. Hikami was once revered as a spiritual place. There is a unique religion based on the belief and custom of worshiping water as a god, and it is said that many horrific events and mysterious phenomena have occurred. In this mysterious and intertwined story, the three protagonists, Yuri Kozuka, Miu Hinata, and Ren Hojo, explore the sinister Mt. Hikami and its secrets, where many died.
[Gameplay]Players use the special camera “Camera Obscura” to repel the curse and contain the power, and explore Mt. Hikami and numerous incidents that have occurred in the past. The story is divided into separate missions, each mission led by a new protagonist. The Camera Obscura can be used not only to seal the evil spirits that attack you, but also to reveal other things that are invisible to the human eye, helping to recover lost items.
[New Elements]– Improved screen resolution – New outfits and accessories – New snap mode for free placement of creative shot characters and spirits – Ghost list updates – Control updates and more Note: FATAL FRAME: Maiden of Black including main game and bonus content You can also purchase “Water Digital Deluxe Edition”. Be careful not to make redundant purchases.