Monday, November 29th, 2021

Deadly Frame: Blackwater Review Maiden (Switch eShop)

If you see ghosts flying around, what is your first instinct? Forgive this assumption, but we imagine it’s probably not “taking it’s polaroid”, right? Tell it to the various heroes of the deadly frame: The Maiden of Blackwater — Project zero In Europe, Sir Donald McCarlin seems to be a snap happy every time he sees a Geist or a malicious person. But we support it.Complete Shaggy From Scooby Doo Leg it..

Still, keep in mind that we’re not talking about regular cameras here. Devices used by deadly framers (They aren’t really called it) Is a camera obscura that captures more than just precious memories. Indeed, careful use of it can allow its users to catch spies, which is virtually the same as killing them. Also. You see, the point is that you’re essentially taking pictures of ghosts until they die. We are ahead of ourselves.

This is a ported / remade version of the long-running Fatal Frame series Wii U, but the scariest part of the first release is its second-hand market price. Now, thanks to Koei Tecmo, we can re-release the Switch game and do such a great job. If you’ve already played on Nintendo’s previous console (where the gamepad was the camera), there’s little point in revisiting it here, but its neat mechanics have been modified to work on one screen as expected. It has been.

Track the journey of three protagonists (and one secret-like person from another series). shhhh), You take the Camera Obscura to all sorts of spooky places you really don’t want to go and solve very dark mysteries, including the black water known as the Suicidal Priestess. Story and gameplay.

You see, your playable character doesn’t want to get wet. If you’re soaked in bones, you’re susceptible to curses, and when you bring it, you’ll warm up with an item or eliminate all revenants in the area. The health bar is constantly depleted — and the latter is not as easy as it sounds.

Normally when playing in third person mode, pulling out the camera obscura (of course) switches the view to first person, giving you a much more important blind spot. You need to “frame” the target (yes!) And snap until the target disappears, being careful not to run out of film. You can choose from a variety of lens and film types. This adds a layer of strategy to the already demanding action, but it’s a fun kind of enthusiast. Usually, one snap isn’t enough to kill a ghost, but when you take a picture, a lump of ghost essence pops out. If you can frame everything, you have a chance to properly expel the ghosts. If you get multiple ghosts in the frame when you achieve what’s called a “shutter chance” in the game, it’s just gravy. With careful and skillful play, you can decimate a horde of phantoms completely with a few clever presses on the “ZR” button. You can also start the nominal “deadly frame” bonus by taking a picture at the last moment possible. It’s a dangerous but very damaging move.

When you’re not using ghosts to make candidates, you’ll find yourself engaged in a fairly typical survival horror quest. It’s very easy to get through each environment and has relatively basic controls. You can use the flashlight by pressing and holding “ZR”. This will allow the current character to track the spirits to track the next part of the story. It’s pretty straightforward, but in a way that suits the mood of the eerie show.

The camera is not so good. The camera can sometimes be a little pig. The right stick feels almost ineffective. Surrounded by gourds, you will want to instinctively rotate when you can’t do much. You can run and turn quickly, but the camera still spends that sweet time catching up with you. Yes, it adds to the panic, but it’s a little frustrating way.

The episode structure allows the Maiden of Black Water to easily enter and exit, playing episodes to raise ranks, increase currencies, and unlock different costumes for each character. Of course, these fit well within the “novelty” rank, but enthusiastic gamers will be disappointed with the removal of “gravure” lingerie in this localization. In particular, this wasn’t even included in the Western release of the Wii U game, but it’s still worth noting in case it does. For real I want a little stimulation while you deal with spies.

Visually everything is very good.Needless to say, a deadly frame sing With a deeper, darker black OLED switch. Unfortunately, its performance is not very impressive. Generally acceptable 30fps, but found to be very hitchhiking. A short, stimulating freeze frees you from all sorts of tensions you may have. Hopefully these nasty little bugs will be resolved with the Day One patch, which promises improved load times and bug fixes, but in the meantime there are a few issues.


There are many things I like about Maiden Kuromizu.We didn’t find it too much scared, It’s certainly very good at being creepy. You will see ghosts from the corners of your eyes, and when you check, they disappear. Strangely cozy and stress-free for a horror game. The camera is a very efficient weapon, and the combat that the camera propagates is action-packed and you can’t really sink your horror. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I’ve discovered it earlier. The PlayStation 2 article in the series was more interested in actively scaring players. If you’re crazy about storytelling (it’s easy to do because the episode structure makes “one more area” a fascinating outlook), you can find a game for about 15 hours here. You can find more time if you want. As you improve your camera obscura with upgrades and other benefits, you will earn higher ranks. Performance issues aside, this game is a real winner and if you’re a horror fan who missed it on the Wii U, it’s worth a snap.