Deadly Frame: If you want to get a copy of Switch’s Blackwater Maiden and dial down with a touch, you’re in luck. This is because Koei Tecmo has begun updating the games that provide it.

For those who want to “enjoy the story safely”, a new “Very Easy” difficulty has been added to the game to help counter the Gory you encounter while exploring Mt. Hikami. This update also fixes some issues related to data storage, display issues, etc., as detailed below.

Ver. 1.0.2 (Nintendo Switch

-Added VERY EASY difficulty level.
The very easy difficulty is for players who want to enjoy the story safely.

-Reduced the problem that cleared saved data is lost due to application error.
-Fixed various bugs and bugs.
-Fixed a display problem.
-Corrected typographical errors and messages.

If you’re thinking of trying this, but don’t understand it yet, be sure to read the entire review. We gave the game 8/10 and praised its ghost photo action and clever horror, but was a little disappointed with the camera control.