Pinhead’s Dead By Daylight character model is licensed as an NFT, and the game’s fan base isn’t very happy with it.

As reported by PC gamer, Fans will be able to purchase the Pinhead character model NFT from Dead By Daylight. NFTs are sold by Boss Protocol. As part of the FAQStates that it has an “official license to create NFTs based on Hellraiser using in-game models created for Dead by Daylight.”

According to the company, Pinhead appeared on the blockchain as part of a “proprietarily generated collection” that was strictly limited to 10,000 NFTs across various rarity models. For some fans who buy digital tokens, the NFT also comes with a copy of the Hellraiser DLC for Dead by Daylight, but it’s not clear who will receive it exactly.

Within that FAQ page, the Boss Protocol has confirmed that the purchase of Pinhead NFT does not unlock additional exclusive content within Dead by Daylight. However, the company said, “Certain pinhead NFTs unlock access to Hellraiser collections and provide (in the future) additional NFTs (such as Lamentation Configuration Boxes) to all owners for free.” It states. The FAQ page says, “Pinhead NFT will also allow access to new content that is not related to Dead by Daylight in the future. For example, with Pinhead NFT, the owner will be able to characterize in other games currently under development. Can be unlocked. “”

So what exactly is an NFT? The abbreviation stands for Non-Fungible Token, which is basically a way to use blockchain technology to claim digital ownership of images and artwork that can be found online.

While some agree with this idea, many criticize the sale of NFTs from various angles. Concerns in this area range from asking how much ownership you actually own when you buy an NFT, concerns about the environmental impact of selling an NFT, and reporting fraud on some sales. ..

For many Dead by Daylight fans, the issue of using Pinhead as an NFT arose as a transparency issue, and game developer Behavior Interactive should have clarified it before the character was included as an NFT. Suggests. -Game content has been deleted. Twitter user @vetrix_tron summarizes this discussion as follows: .. “

As for the action itself, the studio tweeted a statement last week discussing its role in the situation. β€œRecently there was some talk about NFTs, so I wanted to clarify a few things,” said the studio. “If you work with a licensing partner, we will provide you with in-game models and chapter keys. These are free to use, but are considered appropriate as legitimate owners of these characters.” The studio further added. A similar statement surrounding NFTs echoed to the Boss Protocol, stating that “if these models are distributed out-of-game, there will be no exclusive in-game content linked to these models.”

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