Died in daylightThe portrait of the murder came out, A visually striking chapter that captures horror through a surreal and nightmare lens.

As our players know, crows have long been a staple in the realm of entities.New killer, artist, Bring her own murder to the realm, both in her story and in the gameplay. With the ability to summon Dire Crows and unleash them in devastating flight paths, she brings dynamic new gameplay possibilities to an action-packed world. Died in daylight..

Portrait of a Murder also introduces new survivor Jonah Vasquez, a great code breaker suffering from repetitive numerical patterns, and Forsaken Boneyard, the original realm for the first time in 19 months. Inspired by the fascinating world of surrealism artwork, players can explore the artist’s ghostly imaginative fragments and gain a deeper understanding of her backstory through environmental storytelling.

Celebrating the release of the murder portrait chapter, I Died in daylightDavid Richard, creative director of the artist, talks about the process of bringing artists and Jona Basquez to life.

Q: A portrait of the murder chapter has been released. Please tell us about the production process that led to its birth.

NS: The idea of ​​a killer using crows was with us as long as there were crows Died in daylight!! As Hitchcock once proved, there is even more pain in dying from being caught in a coarse-eyed bird.

After so many chapters with so many different fantasies, we wanted to re-explore a theme close to our roots through the dark story of inevitable pain and death. The artist’s surreal art style combines all these elements with nightmarish landscapes, character visuals, and the intense gameplay of this chapter.

Died in a portrait of the murder of Daylight

Q: Please tell us a little about the artist Carmina.

NS: Since her brother’s tragic death, the artist’s soul has been contaminated with sorrow and pain, and she is responsible for it. On the verge of suicide, the crow’s murders gathered around her and stopped the irreversible. This event was a gift and a curse. Karmina lived to accomplish many great deeds, but suffering and distress continued.

Black Veil tore her tongue and cut her hands to prevent her from exposing them through her art. At this moment of ultimate darkness, the crow is back. Inspired by her anger, they killed everyone around and returned her to the realm of substance.

Artists are very fun to play. She gives a thrilling feeling of being a hunting bird of prey. Her power is to summon an ink crow (known in the game as a diamond) that can attack and scout survivors. They are very useful when used strategically to reveal hidden survivors and initiate desperate pursuits. We’ll add three perks with a unique twist — including the new perk type Rekindled Totem — and you have one great new character to master and face!

Died in a portrait of the murder of Daylight

Q: Who is the new survivor, Jona Basquez?

NS: Jonah is a very talented and talented agent in mathematics. Numbers, patterns and codes speak to him and he understands it all. It’s magical. A certain number of patterns have traced his life and have avoided him for the longest time. When he finally discovered its meaning, it led him directly to the entity.

Jonah’s high intelligence and field expertise bring a balanced set of beneficial perks for solo and team play. “Overcome” extends the speed burst that players get when hit. “Correcting measures” help teammates by ignoring failed skill checks. Skill checks can occur during generator repairs or while fellow survivors are recovering. “Boon: Exponential” is a brand new Boon Totem Park that allows survivors within a radius to get up from the ground without the help of another survivor.

Gameplay, narrative, and art design converge on the expanding world of Dead by Daylight with new additions that are dynamic and game-changing. Explore the abandoned boneyards as artist and Jonah Vasquez in the Portrait of a Murder chapter currently available in the Microsoft Store. And that’s not all. The holidays are just around the corner, and lots of horrifying surprises await you in the fog. But keep in mind that these birds do not fly south during the winter.

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Died in daylight

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Ever wanted to play as one of your favorite horror movie characters? Dead by Daylight is a 1v4 multiplayer game that draws you from every corner of the horror world, from powerful slashers to horrifying paranormal entities. Choose to play an unstoppable killer or one of the four survivors trying to avoid the dreaded death. Each character has its own deep progression system and lots of unlockable items that can be customized to suit your personal strategy. Cooperate to escape or stalk and sacrifice all survivors. In this edition of Dead by Daylight, 7 killer (trapper, hillbilly, wraith, nurse, hug, huntless, doctor) and 9 survivors (Meg Thomas, Claudette Morel, Jake Park, Dwight Fairfield, Ace Visconti, Nea Karlsson, Bill Overbeck, Feng Min, David King). It also includes two cosmetic add-ons packed with costumes for different characters.