Saturday, June 12th, 2021

DC Superhero Girl: Youth Power Review (Switch)

Nowadays, when ordinary people think of DC, they tend to imagine the dark, “tough” tone of DCEU movies (and the notorious ‘Martha’ Scene, of course).Although trying to get rid of this with mild enjoyment Shazan! frankly speaking scary Drama editing Justice League, The miserable background seems to be what DC is currently best at.Well, it is actually refreshing DC superhero girl Animation shows are the exact opposite; a cartoon show that focuses on the lives of some of the most popular DC superheroes in their teenage years at Metropolitan High School.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is a direct video game adaptation of the TV show, developed by TOYBOX Inc. (Deadly Premonition 2 is well-known) and published by Nintendo, did you know? Actually not bad!Of course, its target audience is very much A specific group that likes to watch TV shows, but for those people, there is a lot to enjoy, not to mention that the entire game feels very refined and well-crafted, and provides excellent dubbing work for all the main characters.

The main lineup of superheroes in the TV series appeared in the game, including Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Super Girl, Zatana, Green Lantern and Bumblebee, but you mainly only play the top three. The gameplay is a fairly linear affair. You switch back and forth between the girl’s role as a superhero and their social life together. The game does a great job of balancing these aspects, and no part exceeds its popularity.

The progression of the story is broken down into beautiful, bite-sized pieces, in which you can play a specific role, and then move on to the next (though in the end, the game allows you to switch between three people at will depending on the situation). The social aspects of the game include hanging out on the streets of the metropolis, buying new clothes, chatting with citizens, and posting photos on the game’s fictional social media app Superstapost.

The city itself is quite well built, if a bit barebones. The overall scale is controllable, especially for young audiences, and the social mission will never exceed a few minutes at a time. These activities vary and include helping old ladies cross busy roads, finding lost wallets, and marking graffiti across the city. Completing tasks—including social tasks and hero tasks—will give you money, which can be used to buy new clothes for each character. The entire aspect of the game is well implemented, and individual clothing items can be purchased, including hats, tops, shoes, etc.

Combat felt a bit stiff at first, but the developers spent a lot of time making it easy for you to enter it, letting you fight one or two enemies at a time. As you dive deeper into the story, the action will increase nicely, although it is very basic compared to more adult-oriented action games such as Bayonetta or Devil May Cry, but it can definitely accomplish what it needs to do.

The combo is mapped to “Y”, and each successful hit is accompanied by a handy icon to show the number of moves you have landed. After a certain number of hits, you will automatically perform a “smash” action, effectively destroying the enemy you are facing at one time. Dodge is also very useful. Timely dodge will slow down the speed of slow motion, so that you can perform instant smashing attacks on enemies that successfully dodge.

Completing missions and missions will not only make you money, but also gain skill points. These can be used for new abilities and core statistics, such as HP. The extra abilities add a nice new level to the otherwise fairly basic combat; for example, Wonder Woman’s Truth Lasso can draw multiple enemies into close range, stun them briefly when you hit them into the ground. You can also earn bonus skill points by completing certain parameters in each hero mission, such as completing a certain number of combos or collecting collectibles.

So far, very positive, but the game also has its shortcomings, many of which belong to its overall performance. Most of the graphics are pretty good and well represent the artistic style seen in TV shows, but many character designs outside of the main character are just a bit boring and the same. In battle, you can use a convenient lock function, but it is of little help in solving frequently unstable cameras, which may hinder movement and cause you to fall from buildings or bridges.

From an audio point of view, the entire dubbing job is great; most of the voices are usually sharp, so they may not resonate with everyone, but they sound very clear, and it is easy to associate one character with another differentiate.On the other hand, the music will become very harsh after a period of time; when you explore the city, the same tracks will be played repeatedly, although this is indeed an attractive small number, but we definitely get sick After listening to it a few times, I understand.

in conclusion

DC Superhero Girl: Youth power can easily become a disaster; cheap cash with no value or no value. Thankfully, this is actually a surprisingly comprehensive and satisfying experience that fans of the show will absolutely love. There are many characters to interact with, a great shopping function, and many interesting small tasks to keep you busy. Don’t get us wrong, the game understands its target audience and caters to young people, so older gamers may not be able to adapt to the overall tone and simple gameplay. However, this may be the perfect choice for children who may not be ready for the “grimdark” (“Martha!”) DCEU.