Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Days Gone director says Shawn Layden’s departure killed the chance of a sequel

Despite running a relatively popular game from 1999 to 2007, the Siphon Filter series has seemingly disappeared and no restart is visible. However, Sony seems to have come to mind recently, and has even marketed it as a project for one of the studios, Bend. Bend created Days Gone.

To Twisted Metal Director David Jaffe and Streaming YesterdayFormer Bend Studio director and writer John Gervin and game director Jeffros talked about Bend’s struggle to get the green light for the Days Gone sequel as the studio’s next project. Former Sony head Shawn Layden seems to have defended the game, but Ross said, “As soon as Shawn was gone, Days Gone died.”

“While working on the pitch and producing it, it was very clear that we shouldn’t talk about Days Gone. It was clear that it wasn’t a beginner, and the local manager and boss on the pitch said it. It feels good about it. It’s probably a creative group failure, but it’s been a tough fight. “

Ross goes on to see if there are other Sony IPs that Sony is willing to use on the pitch, including Bend’s old project Siphon Filter, in the process of understanding what Bend Studio will work on instead. Asked. But Bend turned them down, Ross said. “I have no idea how to restart the siphon filter.”

He later added that he didn’t know if the pitch had ever been serious, and it seemed almost an idea to keep them busy while Sony understood Bend’s actual next project. ..

Days Gone New Game Plus Mode and Siphon Filter DLC

With neither Siphon Filter nor Days Gone 2 at the table, Ross added that the team also pitched an open-world resistance game, and Bend worked on Resistance: Retaliation in 2009. However, Resistance 3 in 2011 was primarily a commercial failure. Sony didn’t seem to be interested in the new Resistance title either.

An interview with Ross and Garvin’s Jaffe, following a tweet from Ross earlier this week, is likely to have sold Days Gone as well as the Ghost of Tsushima, but was treated as a disappointment by Sony management.

Days Gone has a mixed critical reception that our reviews found it to be bloated, messy, and confusing, despite a truly thrilling encounter with a horde of zombies. Was there. Since then, Bend Studio has spent time supporting Naughty Dog before migrating to a new IP built on Days Gone’s open world system.

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