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Date, meeting time, viewing method, badge, everything you need to know


Due to the restrictions brought by COVID-19, after a one-year break in 2020, E3 will return in 2021 in full digital form, providing four days of live broadcasts, conferences, and displays-all your expectations for the Electronic Entertainment Expo will be online this year Events rather than traditional fairs in Los Angeles.

Nintendo has confirmed that it will be attending with various other big-name publishers, so whether you are a die-hard Switch fan or dabbling in Xbox and PC, there will definitely be some good news to reveal the swimming pool in June this year.

Below we have collected all the information about E3 this year so far, including the date, meeting time and how you will participate in E3 2021. This guide will be updated as new information becomes available, so be sure to check back for more information.

When is E3 2021?

E3 2021 planned operation More than four days, From Saturday, June 12 to Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

The event was cancelled last year, but it seems that people are enthusiastic about the return of E3.

Who will participate in E3 2021?

Many game publishers have promised to participate in E3 in some form, although their contribution has not yet been announced. We will update more information when it is announced, but the current list of publishers participating in the show looks good for beginners…

Game publishers participating in E3 2021

The following is a list of all confirmed issuers participating in E3 2021:


E3 2021 meeting time

You can expect to see large conference-style demos from all the big names, showcasing upcoming games, including Nintendo.

  • Ubisoft Advance- June 12, 12 noon Pacific time / 3 pm Eastern time / 8 pm UK / 9 pm Central European time
  • Xbox and Bethesda game showcase -June 13th at 10 am Pacific Time / 1 pm Eastern Time / 6 pm UK / 7 pm CEST
  • SQUARE ENIX Corporation- June 13th at 12:15pm Pacific Time / 3:15pm Eastern Time / 8:15pm UK / 9:15pm CEST
  • This Computer Game Show with Future Game Show -June 13
  • Take two interaction, Myth game, Free play, Razer with Capcom -June 14
  • Bandai Namco, Yooreka games -June 15
  • Nintendo Direct + Tree House -June 15th at 9 a.m. Pacific Time/Noon East/ 5 p.m. UK/ 6 p.m. CEST
  • 2021 E3 Official Awards Ceremony -June 15

How to watch E3 2021

Have Official E3 “Online Portal” In addition to “supported mobile applications”, viewers can also watch meetings and programs.

You can also watch E3 on “other major video platforms”, including YouTube, Twitch, and other well-known video sites.

What exactly is the E3 2021 “gateway”?

The E3 portal can be accessed through a browser or custom application, enabling users to follow certain publishers, use the add function to add friends, view calendars, earn points and “badges” by watching videos and meeting other criteria, and various other things.

As of June 3, the portal has been open to fans to register. At the time of writing, whether the portal will host exclusive content is a point of contention-all streams from major publishers seem to appear in all common places, so the “point” of the portal/app may be to access everything A convenient place.

The app is also slightly gamified-users can also complete various tasks and earn points to climb a table and compete for… uh, prestige? Bragging rights? To be honest, this is not the most dynamic, fun, or user-friendly “portal” we have ever seen. For example, at the time of writing, you cannot sort “people” and “friends” except in ascending alphabetical order.

We were also unable to access the E3 portal, possibly due to too many people trying to log in. We will monitor the situation in the next few days-hope the situation will improve. However, in the end, if you just listen to the publisher’s broadcast on your favorite streaming platform, you don’t seem to miss too much.

E3 2021 application portalESA

Do I need to pay for E3 2021?

Not possible. Although it is reported that plans to charge for certain types of visits or passes are being considered, no part of E3 2021 will be after the paywall. Directly quote ESA, “E3 will be completely free for all attendees, and there will be no paywalls.”

What is E3?

E3 started as an industry-only event in 1995. It has traditionally provided a platform for developers, publishers and platform holders to showcase new games and games to a broad audience including mainstream media and professional game media. hardware.

In addition, the event has traditionally been a hub for developers to conduct business and conduct face-to-face meetings. In recent years, ESA (entertainment software agency-the organization that runs E3) has opened its exhibition halls to the public, charging an entrance fee to view upcoming games and directly enjoy the live atmosphere.

What does E3 stand for?

The three “Es” in E3 stand for Electronic Entertainment Expo…except for its name change in 2021-instead, say hello to electronic entertainment companies experience! We will have to wait to see if the new name will become a face-to-face event again next year-fingers crossed.

E3 2019ESA

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If you have any other questions, please let us know below and we will work hard to update this guide with the answers. Otherwise, if you are excited about E3 2021 below, please let us know.