Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Dark Alliance: Reveal free post-launch plans

Dark alliance Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, mobile phones and tablets will log in via Xbox Cloud Games (beta) and Xbox Game Pass on the first day of June 22. But we did not stop there! Throughout the year we will have more monsters to kill, dungeons to plunder, and challenges to overcome.

First, let us introduce what was released on June 22. We plan to launch three post-launch content in 2021 to provide players with more content they love.

Free DLC 1: Ghost

Dark alliance

The first DLC we plan to arrive this summer (winter for our friends in the southern hemisphere), and it’s free for everyone. This includes a new story mission spanning three levels, in which you will fight against ghost factions that are trying to corrupt the spirit of the forest for personal gain.

That’s not all. We hope to add two-person split-screen playback options to PC and Xbox Series X|S with this update.

Free DLC 2: Troll

Dark alliance

The second DLC we plan to launch this fall (spring in the southern hemisphere) will be free for everyone. It will include a new story mission told on three levels. The trolls invaded Kelvin’s Cairn, it is up to you to destroy them. This DLC will also add a new challenge rating to the game, providing you with a higher expert difficulty.

Echoes of Bloody Battle-Expansion

Dark alliance

We will end this year with a massive paid expansion Echoes of the bloody battle. This expansion pack will add a brand new magical playable character to the game-the perfect complement to the party! Along with the new characters comes a new storyline, new missions and new monsters.

We can’t wait to let you do it Dark alliance When it was released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows PC, and mobile phones and tablets on the first day of June 22 through Xbox Cloud Gaming (beta) and Xbox Game Pass. There are more exciting things this year!

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Dark alliance

Wizards of the Coast

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