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Danu’s Children-Location and Guide-Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wiki Guide

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This page of the Druid’s Fury DLC Guide contains information to help you find and assassinate all of Danu’s children. Danu’s children are a radical cult, trying to disrupt King Frank’s unity of Ireland. The cult is composed of Irish nobles and high-ranking druids. These druids use mysterious art to enhance their abilities and kill enemies.

When can you fight Danu’s children?

Once you start the blood potion mission, the Danu’s Child command tag in the menu will be unlocked. In this mission, you travel to meet Deirdre, Ciara’s druid friend, and are told that senior cult members are carrying amber bloody shards that contain mysterious powers. This also unlocked Danu’s child mission. You will not find any Danu’s children or clues before unlocking this mission!

Danu’s children (task)

Completing Danu’s offspring mission requires finding clues to reveal the location of each command member. Some clues can only be obtained through missions, while others are scattered throughout Ireland. After assassinating the children of all 10 members of the Danu Order and collecting the amber shards from each, the shards were transported to Deirdre at her home in Asfinn. This is necessary to unlock the mission Amber Sun and obtain the fabulous spear Gae Bolg!

Danu’s children are tied to the task

Although all Danu children need to complete the task of donating blood potions to appear, some members are particularly related to certain tasks. These are members that can only be found and eliminated through specific story missions.



Ren is the subject of the blood potion mission, which will be the first-order member you eliminate. Please check the “Blood Potion” section of the “Druid’s Wrath” walkthrough for a step-by-step guide to this task. Eliminating W will reveal a clue for “Ash” and “The Cursed”.

The cursed

The cursed person is the subject of the “Mist and Confusion” mission. This is a task to be carried out immediately after the “Blood Potion” task. Therefore, the cursed person may be the second member you eliminated. Please check the “Into the Mist” section of the “Druid’s Wrath” walkthrough for a step-by-step guide to this task. Eliminating the cursed reveals clues to the deer.


Seeds are the subject of the mission of “War Costs”. Please see the “Salary in War” section of the “Druid’s Wrath” walkthrough for a step-by-step guide to this task.


The oak tree is the subject of the “Snake’s Treasure Hunt” mission. This is one of the ultimate story pursuits. Please check the “Snake Rush” section of the “Druid’s Fury” walkthrough for a step-by-step guide to this task.

Son of Danu without a mission

After completing the “potions” mission, all of these Danu’s children can be assassinated. Once these members are found, they will be killed. You don’t even have to look for clues to them; you can just go and kill them where the priest lives! If you still want to find all the clues, this guide also includes their locations!


  • Where to find deer: Deer can be found on the northern shore of Lake Alster in the Port of Neagh, Lake Ins. He may be in an enemy camp containing a Celtic cloak. You must destroy the “Deer” in the story mission “The Price of War” to reveal the identity of the “Seed”.

  • Notes of the Cursed- Obtained by killing the cursed during the search for fog.
  • A note found in the Ardmel trading post- Ardmel is a trading post in the east of Uster. The banknote can be found near the pier outside the wall of the trading station.


  • Where to find the ashes: Ashes can be found in the Kesh Corann mine in the mountains northwest of Lough Gara. Druid breeches can be found in the same location. There will be many enemies in this area. Consider equipping anti-poison runes.At the top of the mountain, a destructible wall blocked the entrance of the cave. Use the hole above the wall to throw the torch to the other side and blow up the wall, enter the cave, and go to the level below. You will find some boxes in the corners of the area. Shatter them to reveal the cracks in the wall. Keep walking until you reach the room containing ashes and a breast with druid breeches. Ashes and his friends in the room like to use poison, so please pay attention to your health.
  • The notes found on The- Obtained by killing W
  • Notes found at the ceremony site- Found at a druid ceremonial site on the hill between Rea Bay and Tuam Bay in Connacht. It is on a stone altar full of skulls.

  • Notes found in Kiltober- Kiltober is a small enemy post on the top of a rocky hill southeast of Connacht Rathcroghan. The clue is on the table in the tent on the southwest edge of Kiltober.


  • Where can I find The Blaze: You can find his burning fields and huts in the northern part of the Black Dyke Dyke on the southern border of Ulster. He might walk on the road with his Irish Wolfhound.

  • Notes found on “The Ashes”- Obtained by killing ashes
  • Notes found on Gravesite- Found at Gravesite near the waterfall in Bally na Gall, the village was a burnt down village along the Bann River in the southeast of Ulster. There are wolves everywhere in the village, but you can stick to the cliffs and avoid them. Above the village, by the waterfall, you will see some graves. Use Odin’s sight to find a clue in one of the tombs.

  • Notes found at the outpost- Found in a burnt down farmhouse south of Ulster. The ruins of the farm are about 320m from Cologne (Clogher), with only N or the black pig’s dyke (Nick).


  • Where to find mist: He made an outpost on a small island surrounded by gasoline in the western bay of Ulster. Visibility here is very low. Combining the teleportation ability of “Mist”, your best method should be assassination. This is in the same location as the chest containing the druid’s cloak.

  • Notes found on the fire- Obtained by killing the fire.
  • Notes found in Doon Daven- Found in Doon Daven, north of Ulster, west of the Slene River. The clue is on the rock near the center of the stone circle.

  • Notes found in “Burnt Field”- Found in the beach ruins of a boat on the Ulster Peninsula west of the Foyne Reservoir. The clue is on a large rock next to the nail wall.


  • Where to find spiders: She can be found walking around in the Dublin market. If you have not grasped all the clues of the markers, it may be difficult to find her because she is not always in the same place. However, you can still find her without finding a clue-this is the trick!She tends to switch between two locations near the market. Quickly head to the Kilchrist peak in central London. You can see two locations from this location (as shown in the picture above). She was either strolling in the small white shop with animal skins or just under the triangular blue tent. When you search these two places, bow and aim at the person you think. If the crosshairs indicate that she is the enemy, would you know it is her!
  • Notes taken from Danu’s children- It can be obtained by killing the fire.
  • Drink content to win attention- Beat the drinking champion in Dublin’s beer house.

  • Musical notes found under a tree in Dublin- Found on the bench by the big tree east of Dublin. This tree is the same as the one on Skard’s altar.


  • Where to find whispers: She can be found roaming in the swamp east of Inchroe. You will find her walking with wild boars.

  • Notes taken from Danu’s children- Can be obtained by killing spiders.
  • Warning found near Boyne’s Mausoleum- Found at Boyne Tombs on a forest hill west of Rathdown Trade Post in northern Meath Province. The trail is located at the top of some crates on top of the mountain.

  • Prayer on the sacrifice stone- Found on the table next to the small box near the ritual circle west of Boyne River Port.