Sunday, May 22nd, 2022

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp Review (Switch eShop)

As we have previously established, Danganronpa is pretty lewd in the story.Thankfully, but it was able to avoid being told skeev Outside the world, outside the fictional space that makes it somewhat more palatable. Danganronpa S: Unfortunately, Ultimate Summer Camp breaks that promise.

Ultimate Summer Camp, a “bonus game” element of the Danganronpa Decadence Package (sold separately), is an extension of Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony’s post-game capabilities, with the strange title “Ultimate Talent Development Plan.” is. Here you will see a similar board game structure. Choose a character from the cast of all four games (yes, even if it’s dry and unported) Transcendental despair girl girl) And take them out into tiles — literally — roll dice, play cards, and watch the statistics soar.

However, the problem is that you can’t play as a character without one of the trading cards collected from a series of gacha machines using different currencies. And yes, there are vending machines where you pay with real world money.And so, Danganronpa is finally out of the gross game Gross gameEncourage these microtransactions with a small drop rate in the main game. Even if this is a free-to-play title, we would disapprove it, but at least it makes some sense. But that’s not the case. That’s £ 17.99 / $ 19.99, and it’s hard to even think of a “budget.”

Now, note that the vending / real money feature was not active during the review period. When selected, the game will hang. So all of this can change your mind at the last minute. But let’s face it, it doesn’t happen.

But aside from the disappointment of its financial structure, what’s good about Ultimate Summer Camp? To be honest, no, it’s not. Do series fans enjoy it? Almost certainly. It may seem a little different, but most of the interesting content here is the absolute surplus of interaction between the characters throughout the series. A favorite of beloved fans who previously couldn’t hang out because of a different title or because they were horribly murdered and died. It’s a fan’s dream, and the tagline boasts over a thousand new interactions. I’m not 100% sure it’s at the level, but most of what I’ve witnessed in dozens of playthroughs was unique, but with only the host character changed, quite a few interactions were repeated. It was done. It turns out that the relationship between Chiaki and Hinata wasn’t as special as I expected!

The flesh of the game throws you into the recreation of Jabberwock Island in Danganronpa 2. Roll the dice around the vast board and get different results for each tile. There’s space to raise your stats, to meet “events”, to meet another character, or, most commonly, to take part in a battle with one of the many monokuma-based nuisances. These consist of JRPG-style turn-based combat, but are presented in the simplest possible way, with simple statistics and limited choices.You can increase diversity here by leveling up your character with various collectable fragments, but in our experience Strong win Consistently; pumping points to our overall strength has always been more effective than defensive spells and elemental attacks.

It also allows for a variety of effects, such as double or triple dice rolls, the ability to warp to random tiles and shops, or, most conveniently, the ability to automatically succeed in chance-based events. To get. This can dramatically hinder progress if you have random encounters with V3’s Monokubs and you don’t have enough luck in your draw, and success cards are most helpful in denying that problem.

You have been assigned a mission to defeat various monobeasts and collect items from around the board. This unlocks the new area you’re exploring, but it’s all fairly open and optional. You can go further into the board and create well-equipped beelines to achieve higher stats from tougher enemies. Or, if you want to move on to the next section when the time runs out, try focusing on a particular attribute.

After 50 turns, the game is over and you can move your developed character into battle mode as part of a squad of four and overcome turn-based battles in a linear order as you climb the Tower of Despair. .. This means a less interesting version of V3’s dungeon crawl bonus mode, and many battles are just a matter of exhaustion. If successful, you will be given the currency and tickets used in Danganronpa 2’s Monomi to unlock the card on the Gacha Machine.Various in-game achievements also unlock these coins, but as mentioned above, the drip rate is so slow and the conditions are so dirty that they start to look like they’re dropping real money. For real attractive.


It’s a fun time for fans, but Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp is a complete grindfest and plays almost the same every time. Luck-based, non-stimulating gameplay is an incredibly difficult recommendation for anyone but an avid series obsessive. This writer found it fascinating — the game doesn’t take that long — but it repeats for its shortcomings and by design. Oddly enough, there were some less interesting and unconvincing ways than V3’s equivalent unlockable features, which were free post-game bonuses. Look at the character in a swimsuit and ask yourself if you really need to spend money to make a decision from it.