Monday, May 23rd, 2022

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair Commemorative Edition Review (Switch eShop)

It’s Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair, and this time it’s on a tropical island. Well, as it’s a kind of anime-like game, I think that means that various blessed female casts will appear in swimsuits in turn, and in a somewhat desperate fan service parade, and you’ll be right! Danganronpa 2 never overturns this expectation, which is a good sign of a follow-up approach to the classic original.

However, do not consider it a sudden depreciation. We know what we’re doing in this series, and it’s not a few threes. Indeed, goodbye despair is even coarser and slimmer than the first game, which is some sort of achievement. The murder is more brutal, the solution is more complicated, and the character cast is even more vulgar and classy.That’s all the fans really want — so why don’t we like it? Pretty much the same As the first game?

Well, it’s a matter of friendliness to some extent. Like Danganronpa 2, it has no choice but to beat like its illustrious ancestors. again, curve It’s not that difficult here, but it makes it easier to understand the story. Goodbye despair essentially starts with its strength, seeing how the Trigger Happy Havoc has risen to 11, and never really diminishes. It’s a genocide from start to finish. And it’s a very good genocide, but sometimes it feels like it’s just a little more.

Students will probably agree. What was supposed to be a school trip to the new protagonist Hajime Hinata at Hope’s Peak turned into a nightmare as Monokuma resurfaced and started his second killing game.Thankfully — and UnfortunatelyGiven (spoilers!) You’ll see most of them die — the new cast of students is as charismatic, entertaining, cheerful, and totally entertaining as the first game, and another one. Everything is brand new except for the returning character of Porter Attire. Once again, thanks to the killing game, you will deepen your friendships with your friends and dry your tears like flies.

Exploring your prison, Jabberwock Island, is also a bit more boring than Hope’s Peak Academy. Here, instead of relying on a complete 3D map, we are running around each of the different peninsulas we visit on a 2D plane from left to right.Fast trips are back, yes, but trips on foot are motivated by a new virtual pet-style mini-game to see your little ones Chibimi Earn XP for each step. The rewards for raising these pets aren’t as useful as it’s worth checking in repeatedly in our view, but it’s a shame that this sequel has new features, but it’s a good idea to ignore them. increase. This is a bit like turning off the tail every time you play Sonic the Hedgehog 2. NS You switch off your tail, right?

Of course, the class trial will be back, but unfortunately, Hangman’s Gambit will be back. It’s a new incarnation that’s even slower, boring, and frustrating than before. Thankfully, however, things have been enhanced with a new counter-confrontation mechanism that uses analog sticks to literally chop up opponents’ arguments before going to a cold mortal move of pure logic.

There is another new mini-game that feels like a clone of an old Flash game Crazy secondsI care about what can only be called a snowboard slope Of the heart And as logical questions fly around the screen, you need to guide the board and body to the answers to the logical questions. 1080 ° snowboarding wasn’t like this.

Within the debate itself, the new feature is the ability to corroborate another student’s remarks with your true bullet, adding a more complex (and therefore critical thinking) layer to the procedure. And that’s a good thing. This is because Danganronpa 2 is longer and harder than the original and runs for about 30 hours in normal playthrough. There’s also a lot of post-game work with more interesting and better unlocking features than those offered by Trigger Happy Havoc.

Of course, the game looks great again and launches a stylized visual and another great soundtrack. If anything is criticized, the location of Jabberwock Island isn’t as eerie and eerie as Hope’s Peak High School, but it still has a lot of eerie atmosphere and the dramatic twists and turns of the story once again captivate you. increase.


Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair does not match its predecessor in some respects, but compensates for its shortcomings in other respects. Once again, claim that the journey is better than the destination. The ending of the first game was almost incomprehensible trash and I thought it was even worse. But it’s definitely a journey worth taking, as the stunning cast and smart murder mystery gameplay once again captivated us and didn’t let go. An aesthetic and narrative treat, Danganronpa 2 is a simple recommendation and we are delighted to finally make the leap to Switch.