Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Damn! A physical copy of Monster Hunter Stories 2 may need to be downloaded

© Capcom

Here are some news that physical collectors will be very concerned about-the retail version Monster Hunter Story 2: Wings of Destruction May need to be downloaded. Although we are used to the first day’s patch, it seems that this particular download volume may be quite large.

According to Nintendo Everything, the photo of the game box it received (from a retail employee) appeared to indicate that a hard copy of the game needs to be downloaded to play. It says “download required” on the front and on the back it says that the game requires at least 15GB of download space. The eShop file size list is 13.5GB.

Although storage requirements are not necessarily an issue-especially if you have a MicroSD card, there is still the problem that the physical copy does not contain the entire game. some You may feel that the purpose of buying a hard copy in the first place has failed.

Capcom didn’t mention the need to download a game of this size before, nor did it mention it elsewhere, so fortunately, this is just a typographical error. If we hear other news, we will update this article.