Friday, September 17th, 2021

Daisy fans are not satisfied with the new Mario Golf: Super Sprint update

image: Nintendo

Earlier this week, Nintendo launched a considerable update for the most recent Switch version Mario Golf: Super Sprint.

As you may have seen in the full patch notes, version 2.0.0 added Toadette as a new character, New Donk City as a new level and ranked game mode. There are also some general changes, especially those that some Daisy fans are not satisfied with.

When swallowing a bogey on a hole, she no longer said “whatever.” It has now been changed to “Shh”. The following tweet highlighting this change has been liked more than 4,000 times:

@莱瑟罗 It’s weird that Nintendo deleted Daisy’s words “whatever” and changed it to “oooooo”. Like is someone on the team very angry because she showed a strange rudeness? That’s still too individual, right?

Compared with the old one, this is the sound of this new line:

One response to the original tweet joked that “Nintendo is afraid of Daisy’s brutal power.”although Many other fans of Daisy I also feel that this is a step backwards to the character’s personality.

Have you noticed this change yourself? What do you think about this? As always, leave your thoughts below.